Catervention Time?

I read Britney Spears has a conservatorship, where someone makes all of her decisions for her.

I think I need one of these, I am currently making a conscious decision that could potentially change the course of my life.

The other day I looked in my backyard and saw a small black kitten! As soon as I opened the door it ran off, I was devastated and began to immediately devise a plan to capture it.

I went to the store and bought cat food different from what Fat Catstard eats and got two bowls. One for the food and one for the water, then I put it out by the back fence line. I do this every evening now, I want to let the kitten know we are a cat friendly home and they can come to the back door so I can pet it.

I know, this is a step towards crazy cat lady status, I planned on being just a regular crazy old lady, but now we are adding more than one cat in the mix. I have no self control, I can easily see this being a gateway cat. Leading to other cats, then Stormie and I shall be overrun by cats. We will be the minority in our house, one human, one dog, surrounded by countless cats.

I need a catervention, someone take over my life, there is no pay involved in this position. Just come and take away the extra cat food so I don’t lure unsuspecting felines into my cat trap.

Oh wait a tick, I could be Cat Woman in the making! I could be the next villain in the DC world! I am working out, eating right, in a few months I could look good in that cat suit. never mind, I don’t want a catervention, I’ll take being a villain in the DC world, and a hero in the Marvel Universe. I could do both, I am woman hear me roar, or meow, or whatever.

It is Hotworx for the win, that will get me into crime fighting, or villainess shape. Whichever direction the script takes me.

My weekend will be over soon, back to work tomorrow, praying for every person that I talk to. That is how I start my day, praying that I can make a difference with every person I speak to, that I can be helpful and even if I cannot resolve their issue in that instance that I can get us further down the path of resolving the issue. I also pray that God brings every person I’m supposed to speak to on the line with me.

I am a firm believer in God’s Devine hand in everything we do, I pray that I can exemplify His being in my life

I hope you all have a good day, make good decisions and be a blessing in someone’s life today.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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