Anniversaries are typically fun, they serve to give us a pleasant memory, one we can look back on and smile about.

Today marks ten years since one of my best friends left this earth. Sandi left us, God said enough, you have fought long and hard, I need you to come home now.

Sandi fought a 20 year battle with cancer, in the end some would say she lost, however I believe she won. Going home to rest and to have her strength and be pain free, that is winning a battle in itself.

Those of us left behind were on the losing end of that, we lost a bright and shining star in our world. She brought so many people together, I have some very dear friends thanks to her.

She was my friend, my mentor, my sister, my sounding board, the one I would call with good news and someone I could commiserate with during bad times. She was a 2nd mother to my oldest son, Jeffrey, she was a daughter, a mother to two amazing sons.

She had a sense of humor that was would sneak up on you. 

If you were meeting her to go somewhere and you were late she would leave you. I was never late in case you were wondering, I did however witness her leaving people if they were. She would get so irritated, she did not play around when it came to being on time.

She was terrified of cats, which was the funniest thing to me, at that time we had two enormous cats, Mickey and Arthur. She would call if she was going to come over and ask if they were put away, she would only come over if they were not in the living room.

She adored her two sons and her mother was her very best friend. She had too many friends to count, I just feel fortunate to be counted among them.

Today I remember my friend, I remember her infectious smile, I remember her beautiful soul, I remember her impeccable taste in fashion and decor and I remember her fierce strength and determination.

I miss her every day, there are still days when something happens or I have a thought that I think oh I need to tell Sandi that. I still have her phone number in my phone with her picture attached to it. I keep it in there because if anyone could convince God to allow them to make a phone call it would be her.

Everyone should have a friend like Sandi. 

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