Who is Perfect?

There is so much vitriol in politics today. I read an article from a minister that said being bombastic and crude was just as bad as advocating for abortion up to birth. I was completely floored, no it’s not, in case you’re wondering abortion is worse.

If we are looking from a biblical principle I would have you look at the men God used to do His work.

Samson, he was a drunkard and fornicator, he would pick fights and the only thing he kept in his promise to God was not cutting his hair. When he got so drunk he passed out, Delilah cut his hair and drained his strength. When he decided to obey God, he regained enough strength to bring down the pillars, killing himself and all of the Philistines. Not perfect but God used him for His purpose.

There are so many examples if you care to pick up the good book.

If you are perfect and without sin I urge you to immediately have a talk with God and find out what glass house you need to live in. We are all imperfect and come short of the glory of God. I’m not perfect, I’m sure if I ran for office all of my teenage antics would come back to haunt me.

Here are the reasons I don’t have a hard time with President Trump. He is the first president to pass real prison reform with the first step act. Essentially righting the 1994 crime bill authored by Biden. He is also the first President since President Reagan to not start any new wars. He also has guaranteed funding for the next 10 years for HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). He also has brokered peace between Israel and United Arab Emirates and Israel and Sudan and Israel and Bahrain. He was nominated for three Nobel Peace prizes this year. Oh and his Platinum Plan for minority business and communities. He is also the most pro life and pro gay president we have ever had. He is working to get being gay not a killable offense in other countries. I understand he is arrogant, bombastic and at times crude. However he has put his money where his mouth is. Also he donates his salary every quarter. Before you write him off I would urge you to do your own research.

I’d you have any comments, questions or criticisms you can leave them here or send them to me at angie@angieworld.com.

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