Just Toto it

Well here we sit, with a Friday the 13th, the last one we had in 2020 was in March. It was the last normal day on earth, I remember that day well.

I had my hair done, colored a brilliant dark red by my amazing hair stylist.

In my family, as you might know, we hold Friday the 13th dearly. It was the day my parents were married, not in March or November, but January. 

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in blessings from the Almighty Father. I have many in my life, from my grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. Too many friends to actually count, a life filled with peace and assuredness that God is high upon His throne and in control.

I have no worries about what happens on this earth, that doesn’t mean I don’t take an active roll in doing my part in things I need to do. It means I am not worried about what happens after I leave this earth.

I fully believe that what happens next here is in God’s plan for this earth and His children. I pray that God’s will be done, not man’s will.

Moving on, my cat cam is working brilliantly, I am getting great footage of a cat that wants nothing to do with me. Ronald, aka, Fat Catstard, loves hanging out in the cat sanctuary during the day.

The stray only comes out at night, probably because the husky has full reign of the backyard during the day. I leave the backdoor open while I am working so she can go in and out as she pleases. With the exception of rain, I don’t allow rain to come into the house.

Does anyone else do that? Leave their door open for their pets?

Tomorrow is the day for family photos, I am very excited, I have a new purple shirt and look forward to what everyone else will be wearing. I have put the kibosh on Elizabeth Anne showing up in a purple fur coat. That was my only putting my foot down moment.

This will not be a photo shoot like you see on social media influencers instagrams. This will be a simple family photo, the photographer will position us. We will smile, she will take the picture, maybe three or four just to make sure we get one good one. Then done. Fingers crossed all 5 of the children cooperate. Well the older ones, no worries, it’s the youngest, he is unpredictable, just the way we like him. 

So now 2020 feels like 2000, can anyone say Al Gore? I feel a complete vindication coming and literally cannot wait for a certain thing to get to the Supreme Court. You know the court where three of it’s members were demonized and tortured by the Democrat party. We shall see what we shall see. Until then just Toto it, we shall persevere.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Peace out peeps. 

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