Family Pictures and a Fake Man

Life is getting back to normal, we had family pictures on Saturday. I don’t know what to say, except we all look short and squatty. Elizabeth Anne’s arms are huge in the photos, and she is tiny, like size 0 tiny. Alex looks like he has a belly, he is mr fit, works out constantly and has abs of steel. Tessa looks like she has a belly, she does not, Jeffrey had his sunglasses on and just needed a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

When I saw them I literally could not stop laughing, I snort laughed, Elizabeth Anne says she is going to find a frame that says 2020 with a roll of toilet paper on it.

I will cherish these pictures my entire life! Oh and the tiniest one of us, Karliegh, think double 0, looked like a regular size. Amanda is tall and she looked short! I am laughing all over thinking about it!

So tonight, when I was coming out of Hotworx, I saw a nice looking older gentleman (probably my age) standing next to a Vette. Another man was taking a picture of him, you could tell it was probably for a dating site. As I was driving off I was talking to Shay on the phone. I told her I should stop and say look no further, I am a car girl, trade that in for a Mustang and we’ll date. As I look back he is not getting into the Corvette he just took his picture next to. No, the faker was getting into another car! I was like well you can’t even trust what you see on the internet. Which made me laugh hard as well.

Another reason to never get on another dating app, you really cannot trust what you see. It is all rather sad and funny and makes for great fodder on here.

I never thought in my younger years I would end up here, alone, dateless, living with a cat and a dog.

I’ve seen the things about what would you go back and tell your younger self if you could.

I would tell her to enjoy every minute, stop stressing, the bills and money will work themselves out. They always do, you’ll be able to feed your kids and clothe them. Not to worry about being alone, you’ll get used to it, oh and don’t date an idiot with an accent.

Don’t do that girl. Just don’t. Your life will be incredibly peaceful if you just don’t.

I would also tell me to go ahead and dye our hair purple, it’s all good, it’s all fine. Oh and finish that journalism degree, you’ll never use it, but you’ll have that accomplishment.

That’s really all I have for now. I encourage everyone to go out and see your family for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you don’t know if it will be someones last.

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