Must Love God

Ok, so um yeah. Shay has decided she is going to find a man for me. I don’t even know how this is a good idea. I try telling her that we have completely different taste in men. She thinks I’m younger than I actually am and acts accordingly.

So since she wants to find a man for me, here are my requirements.

Somewhat nerdy, but also manly. Please no men that wear dresses. I like a man that can work with his hands and fix things. I come from a long line of fixers. My dad could fix anything, so could my brothers and nephews and my sons. My daughter can as well.

He has to like animals, both cats and dogs and others.

He also has to get along with my children. Oh and has to have good hygiene, physical and oral, there is nothing worse than a man who doesn’t brush his teeth or shower regularly.

Oh and good looking, I’m pretty, I am attracted to pretty, it never goes well with me when I deviate from what I’m attracted to.

Someone who likes to travel, I don’t want to be tied to someone who just wants to sit and watch television. Speaking of, I love superhero shows and movies. So there’s that.

Oh and music, they have to like music and going to concerts.

Above all they have to love God, Jesus and believe in the Holy Spirit.

This list is subject to change but that’s it for now.

An appropriate age is a must as well. If you know of anyone that fits the bill tell him to hit me up.

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