Patriotism and Disgust

I’ve said very little about what is going on in our country, my beloved country. A country my family has had an integral part of creating, starting in 1635 when one of my ancestors sought freedom from persecution due to their religion.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that being persecuted for ones religion is going to become the norm IF Biden takes office on January 20th. 

Yesterday at the capitol building that was not who patriots are, we are above that. It is now coming out, not in mainstream media of course, that the instigators were not patriots but paid Antifa agitators.

But no one seems to care, they are more intent on which pronoun to use or defending Antifa and BLM from the riots this past year. You know, the ones that destroyed black communities and small business owners all over the country. 

If you are not willing to condemn them, then you will not stand for anything, at all.

The more I see the more disgusted I am, we are becoming a country that loves lawlessness, that disrespects the elderly, that creates chaos and throws monumental fits when they don’t get their way.

Any so called Christian that voted for the party of abortion up to birth, marxism, persecution of Christians, well, you need to have a conversation with our Lord and Savior.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver, democrat from MO, invoked a false god in his prayer to the the 117th congress. And he ended it with Amen and Awoman, this is a man that claims to be a Christian. We should all be outraged by him invoking the monotheistic god Brahma. Which is a Hindu deity, not Jesus, man oh man, I do not want to be him on judgement day, he has a lot to answer for.

I would like to think this is atypical but it is not, it is a travesty, a sham and blasphemy.

God help every single person who thinks this is ok, as for me and my house, we will worship the one true God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. 

Oh and whoever in China that is reading this, because I can see where the hits are coming from, I pray you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

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