Loyalty and Love of Country

I thought I could be done, but I find I cannot, as a whole anyone who voted for President Donald J. Trump is being vilified and called horrible names. On Facebook, a friend, who didn’t bother to say anything about the cities burning around the country this summer, posted about the Capitol. Then one of her friends said that all Trump supporters were crazy and out of control. She answered IKR, which means I know right. 

We have been friends since we were 13 years old, so I sent her a text message and asked her if she thought that of me. She said no of course not, but here we are, I’m a person that voted for our President twice.

I have laid out very clearly why I voted for him, but no one wants to listen to reason. All they can do is parrot CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC and CBS News. All of the alphabet soup of them. Orange man bad.

Nancy Pelosi wants to arrest anyone who supported him, which is over 75 million Americans. What will they do with us? Good question, will it be like concentration camps or the camps we kept Americans of Japanese descent during WWII? Which was shameful as well.

I am not done praying, God has not finished with this yet, and yes I believe God’s hand is in all of this. It will always be His timing and not ours, even if we feel the full weight of the possibilities of corrupt politicians taking full control of our country. I still have faith that God will persevere, good over evil, I believe He has used this to open our eyes that it is not just the Democrats, it is Republicans as well.

Evilness is the law of the land right now, they believe they have prevailed and will get sloppy because no one wants to be the one that says STOP.

I, for one, was raised differently, I was raised on a steady diet of patriotism, of pride in our Country and my ancestors roll in all of it. I will continue to fight, even if it is just words on the internet.

I will continue to stand for what is right, what is righteous, for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

I did not grow up in a privileged neighborhood, I grew up incredibly poor. It is not something I talk about, ever, it is something I would very much like to forget. But here’s the thing, the areas that were being rioted, looted and burned to the ground, well, that is very much like the neighborhood I grew up in. At least until I was 12, then I was adopted by my Great Aunt and Uncle. Then it was a middle class life for me. 

I know what it is like to have to fight for everything I have, when I got a divorce I was put right back into the poverty level. 

I worked three jobs and went to school full time to try and make a life for my three children. Then a friend made an opportunity with a major telecommunications corporation for me. I got a job that took the place of all three jobs I was working, I didn’t finish college because my three children needed me to be with them in the evenings and weekends.

I don’t regret that at all, everything was worth seeing my children grow up and succeed. They remain my pride and joy, everything was for them and to an extent continues to be. I like to be available for my granddaughter now, and for my children if they need anything for me. God has given us so much, it is now the time for me to stand up for Him and for our country that gave me all of the opportunities. 

This country owes a debt of gratitude to God, for everything, now is the time for us to recognize that and put Him first in our lives.

I’ll continue to stand up for Him and for my country, God, family, country, those are the things that are important to me.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com.

Oh and for my China readers, please let me know who you are. I get a lot of hits from you guys and I don’t know why. Please enlighten me.

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