Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Well today is a great day in my family. It is my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. They were married January 13, 1934, which started their amazing journey together.

I know I talk about them a lot, but they very literally saved my entire life. I love them so much and want the world to know how amazing they actually were.

Their love was the real deal, the hand holding, stolen kisses, mutual respect, the kind of relationship that comes when you put God first in your marriage.

They also had a profound sense of humor about life. Life is filled with all kinds of trials and tribulations. Few people will ever experience the kind of challenges my parents faced. They grew up and were married during the worst depression this country has ever seen. They also survived Oklahoma’s dust bowl.

It did not harden them, it did not defeat them, it strengthened them and allowed them to see humor in hard times.

It taught them to rely on God and taking care of each other starts at the neighbor level. They were pros at quietly taking care of people in need.

Especially an unruly 12 year old that no one else wanted. I feel unbelievably fortunate and blessed that I got to witness and learn from those two amazing humans.

So today, on what is a great day for my family, Happy Anniversary mom and dad. I love you beyond belief.

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