A Break is Needed

I’m taking a break, a break from all politics, because in 48 simple hours Joe Biden has done a horrible job. 

I’ll list a few highlights and you can simply google it for yourself. 

Bagdag Terrorist Attack

Ready to deploy soldiers to Middle East

Re-Joins the WHO which failed to warn U.S. on pandemic

Re-Joins the Paris Accord; U.S. pays highest fees

Re-Joins the TPP massive job loss to China

Men with wigs can enter girls restrooms, or they don’t even need a wig, they can just say they feel like a woman.

Men with wigs can compete in women sports, or without a wig, they just need to say they feel like a woman.

We’ll be charged a hefty fine for not having health insurance

Revokes Keystone pipeline, 57,000 jobs lost

Corporate taxes jump from 21 % to 28.8%

Income tax and payroll taxes from 37% to 57%

Small business taxes from 29.6% to 39.6%

Capital Gains & Dividend taxes from 23.8% to 43.4%

Not to mention our National Guard regulated to a cold, unheated parking garage with one bathroom to sleep in. 

Oh and we will not talk about the higher price on insulin and epinephrine. 

It’s too much and I need a break, so this weekend I am spending the whole weekend with my granddaughter.

My oldest son and his wife both have covid and I was offered Tess.

I readily agreed, we have been working on her science project, we had to go to three different stores, then scrapped that plan and went a different route, which resulted in us going to a different store. So 4 stores later we are in the middle of it. We have to allow some things to dry so I came in here for a quick post.

Spending time with a 13 year old will really take you back, we watched the current three episodes of Wandavision then The Empire Strikes Back. 

She definitely takes after me in the nerd, geek genetics. Is being a nerd/geek genetic? I don’t know, my mom and dad were not sci-fi nerds, but they both read a lot. I was encouraged to read a lot, I have a great love of reading. 

It could have been when I discovered the Illyad in the 5th grade, no, I loved Star Trek way before then. Also I loved watching all of the old B movies, you know the ones, the attack of the killer tomatoes, those. And all of the scary movies, with Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, the wolf man and the creature from the black lagoon. 

I’ll leave you on that thought, is the nerd/geek thing genetic or learned? 

As usual, you can comment, question or critique here or email me at angie@angieworld.com.

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