Potassium Nuclei and Purple Pancakes

The best part of this weekend was getting to spend it with Tess. My son and his wife were sick so he offered me his weekend.

I picked Tess up from school on Friday, after she got in the car she proceeded to tell me that she had a project due on Monday.

A science project, she had to create the nuclei of potassium. So off to the Dollar Tree, Target and Michael’s for supplies.

On Saturday we started working on it, we had a different idea, went to Walmart and got more supplies.

It all turned out great, in the middle of creating the creation, she realizes the project isn’t due for two weeks. We both laughed and I told her she would be happy that she did her work in advance.

That’s the way life is, if we do our work in advance it simplifies things. The reality of life is as humans we tend to procrastinate and make things harder on ourselves.

I don’t really know why human nature is that way, I tend to procrastinate, especially if it is a task I don’t like doing.

We also had purple pancakes, those were really good. I’m not the best cook but pancakes are one of the things I am really good at making.

I hope you have a great week, tomorrow I am getting my hair done, in purple.

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