Birthday Hair and Hovering Helicopters

So I did a thing, a thing I have wanted to do since I was 16 years old. I actually did it once when I was 16, my mother took one look at me and said “that’s really pretty, better be out by church tomorrow.”

I cancelled my plans and washed, rinsed, repeated all night long. But the purple was out of my hair by church the next day.

Yes, I had my hair dyed purple for my upcoming 57th year on this planet. My hair stylist, Sarah, is completely brilliant and it looks beautiful. I will post pictures here at the end.

I am completely exhausted by the complete horridenousness (I know that is not a real word) of the new administration here in our country. The things that are happening in just 10 short days, 10’s of thousands of jobs lost, drug prices skyrocketing and so much more.

If no one sees this, they are purposely putting on blinders and are part of the problem.

On that note, I feel something bigger is happening here, in our country and the world at large. I feel massive spiritual warfare going on, and also military, here, it’s weird.

Military helicopters are flying way more than usual here in my part of the world. They are flying often and low, last night my whole house was shaking, and this is not the first time. 

Elizabeth Anne noted an abundance of military helicopters flying low and often over her place as well. 

How do we know they are military helicopters? Well that is hard to miss, seriously, if you have never seen one then you don’t know. If you have seen one, then you know. They are not unusual here in Texas, but the amount and how low they are flying is unusual.

If anyone has any answers please send me a message, you can leave it here or send it privately to

Speaking of Elizabeth Anne, her birthday is in two short days and I know you are all looking forward to my annual message to her.

I’ll save it for then, oh and I am also having a surprise delivered to her house on that day. I hope she likes it.

I won’t keep you all, I know you are very busy on this beautiful overcast Saturday.

As promised, here is my hair: 

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