Prayer and 7-11

It’s been a strange week, so much weirdness, first off, Hello China! I hope your week has gone well and your many hits to my blog has given you good incite to a 57 year old menopausal American woman.

Last night I had the most amazing evening, I went to a women’s prayer meeting at a lovely restaurant. If you are ever in Plano, TX I highly recommend Toulouse in West Plano. Excellent service and fantastic food, get the brie, you will not be sorry.

We had a guest speaker, Ronnie, who is a beautiful 86 year old woman that gave her testimony. She was born to Jewish parents, met a man that would become her husband, he led her to Jesus. Her family disowned her and she and her husband traveled the world ministering to people. 

We had an incredible prayer session in our private room at the restaurant and I met some strong prayer warriors.

It was a late night and I needed to stop and get cream for my morning coffee, I didn’t know that all stores close at 11pm now. Our world is collapsing as we know it, so I decide to stop at 7-11, as it was the only thing open and get some milk for my coffee.

I walked in and there was a man standing there that said hello, rather loudly. I said hello back and nice sweatshirt, it was OU, I had no choice.

When I came back to the register to pay for my things he told the cashier he was paying for mine. I protested, he insisted, since he was drunk out of his mind I decided not to argue.

He then said I bet you don’t even like the Sooners, I laughed and said I was born in Oklahoma and I LOVE the Sooners. It is an unhealthy love, but focus, that is not the point of this story.

He then asks me if I will wait for him outside, I look at the clerk as if to say what is happening. She gave me a signal that said he was harmless so I agreed.

He walked outside and began rambling, as only the drunk do, and asked me if I was a teacher. Befuddled, I said no, he said oh you look like a giant nerd. 

I said yes, I am, as I am very proud of that, he then proceeded to tell me I was a hot chick, to which I burst out laughing.

He asked if I was single, I said no, because technically, he didn’t say romantically and I have a dog and two cats at home.

He then proceeds to tell me he just retired and was celebrating and bought a new vehicle. And then says since I am not available he would go back in and hit on the 7-11 girl. His words, not mine, I wished him luck and thanked him for purchasing my items.

I don’t even know what is happening in this world, Vladimir Putin is making more sense than Joe Biden and strange drunk men are hitting on me at a convenience store.

Stay safe out there folks, I do believe it is time for the aliens to arrive.

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