Easter and King Kong

So much, I know I have been MIA, but times goes fast, then slow, then not at all. First off, good morning China! I see you still love my writing, so I wanted to be sure and recognize you. I am still not getting the hokey pokey for the beer flu.

That is out of the way and we can continue with my musings.

Easter was last weekend, the day we come together to celebrate our Lord and Savior’s victory over death. I celebrate by going to my oldest son and his wife’s house. It was filled with lots of food, laughter, people (this is Texas, the land of the free), children and family.

Our family might look a little different than other peoples family. I ate at the same table as my ex-husband and his wife. As a matter of fact I sat next to his wife, she’s funny, I like her. 

But before that, on Thursday, Tess and I went to the movies, to the actual theater. We say Godzilla vs King Kong, we had the popcorn, we sat in the seats and we had a good time. The movie was fun, familiar and formulaic, a good start to returning to our normal lives.

I did have an incident with the movie theater chain, not at the theater itself. I received an email on Saturday telling me that I had gone to see a movie in Boston. I was like um no, I log into my app and someone had hacked it and used my two free movie credits. 

I called, spoke to someone very nice who sounded just as horrified as I was. He promised to take care of it, a few days later I receive an email stating it wasn’t their problem. Too bad, so sad, for me. I replied with is this a joke, the next day I received a phone call. It was from a very nice representative from Cinemark. Apologizing profusely, she not only gave me the two credits that were taken from me, she added two more. She did not have to do that, but it did make me appreciate the company. 

I will be going back to the theater and I will make up the freebies at the concession stand. We do love our popcorn, I get water, I don’t drink pop. Yes, I said pop, not coke, not soda, POP. 

I went to Target yesterday, sans mask, what a wonderful experience. And surreal, I was very literally the only one in there without one. I am astounded that people actually wear them, they do nothing. That has been proven over and over, by science. I will be going to Costco today, I think they make you if you want to shop there. So yes, I will wear one, because I need some things. 

No one is talking about how Texas opened 100%, mask mandate gone, and the beer flu cases are going steadily down. Interesting how no one wants to acknowledge that fact, probably because it is not in their best interest. 

I am going now, I have to get dressed and do my errands, then I can reward myself with the latest episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier, oh and the Mighty Ducks new show. Super cute and well worth the price of admission.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at angie@angieworld.com. If the China people could let me know what the find so fascinating I’d really appreciate it!

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