Lois and Clark, Buffy and Random Thoughts

So as of August 3rd, 2021 Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman are now playing on HBOMax. I am very happy, I still love that version of Superman as well. Much like Smallville, Clark Kent is the focus and not Superman. 

It is finally stupid hot here in North Texas, and I did a thing. I want to lay on a floatie in water, I do not want to go to the communal pool in my neighborhood. Why you ask, good question, it is full of children, which is should be, this is a family neighborhood. But I don’t have small children so I do not want to go, and also, who wants an old woman just floating around in the pool when little kids want to splash and have fun. What I did is as much for their benefit as well as mine. 

I bought a pool, an eight foot round pool, 18 inches deep, just enough for me to fill up and lay on a floatie, get some sun and just enjoy a little bit of summer in my backyard.

I love it so much, I am also not so much with the swimsuit in public. I don’t like my legs, my arms, my stomach and well everything from the neck down is just disgusting. I am still battling menopause and it is taking over every ounce of me.

So I lay in my backyard, in my kiddie pool and look at the clouds. It is perfection at its best.

Here we are at the beginning of August, a not so fun time for me. Michaels’ birthday is August 9th and my mom’s going home anniversary is August 11th. After this week I will be fine, but I just have to get past this week.

On another note I am rewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for about the thousandth time. I am of course disgusted by the things that are coming out about Joss Whedon, his ex-wife confirms the things that Charisma Carpenter and others are saying about him. It also explains a lot about Nicholas Brendon and all of his issues since the show ended. I would also be very curious as to the reason why Michelle Trachtenberg had it written into her contract that she was never to be alone with Whedon again. Luckily she had a mother that was watching out for her, I bet that made Whedon angry, but he was not able to do anything about it as she was a minor.

I still love the characters and the world he created, Sarah Michelle Gellar has said she will be forever proud to be associated with Buffy, but she did not want to be associated with Joss Whedon.

Which begs the question, why was Charisma the only one brave enough to speak out? After she did, then they all started coming out about their own issues with him. 

I will say his ex-wife, Kai Cole, came out after their marriage ended and told all, but no one was listening. People always discount the ex as being bitter, without really listening to them. Which is sad, because while ex’s might be angry, rightfully so if they were the wronged ones, they are telling the truth. 

I stopped telling anything about any ex because people just label you as bitter. I’m not bitter about the things that have been done to me, I am stronger because of them, it would be nice if people wanted to hear about my experiences. 

Some could learn from them, maybe see the red flags sooner, avoid pitfalls. Not the women with any of my ex’s per se, but women in general in relationships with other people. I have seen so much toxic behavior that people could avoid if they only opened their eyes. But it is not for me to tell them, they have to learn it for themselves. 

Oh well, I have waxed on about inconsequential things for too long.

I had thought about going shopping today, however, it is tax free weekend here and I am not going to battle that!

I hope you all have a great weekend and remember, eyes open, if you are experiencing someone not being their best towards you, leave. You are worthy of being treated with respect.

As usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to angie@angieworld.com.

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