Controversial Thoughts

Here we sit, a country divided, not over race, I guess they decided to abandon that narrative. Instead, over a vaccine, a vaccine that has proven ineffective and in some cases dangerous. It is a vaccine that did not go through the normal trials, animal trials were abandoned early on as the humanized mice all died. All of them that were given this vaccine died, within two months. Two months in a humanized mouse is equal to two years in a human life.

I know what you are thinking, this is all anecdotal, it’s not, the information is there for those who care to research. I shall not be doing your research for you. 

I will tell you this, a friend of mine, an actual friend, not a friend of a friend of a friends nephews great uncle, an actual friend that I knew, that I worked with for years. He decided to go ahead and get the vaccine, he took the first shot, had a reaction, which his doctor told him was perfectly normal. He then went in for the second shot when he was advised to, not early, not late, when they told him to. He immediately felt sick, told the nurse who was administering it he felt sick, she told him that was normal. He should go home, drink plenty of fluids and get some rest. He went home, did as told, felt sicker and sicker, called the doctors office and was told once again this was normal and to sleep it off. He would feel better in the morning, he told his wife he was going to bed and she kissed him goodnight. The next morning he was gone, he had died in the night. Less than 24 hours after taking the second dose of the vaccine. 

I don’t know which one he had, I didn’t feel intrusive enough to ask that, I don’t know his wife at all. It is sad and horrifying, if you do some research on VAERS, established in 1990, it is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Have fun diving in, if you have not researched this before putting it in your body, well, I’ll be praying for you. The next two years should be very telling, I am going to be brutally honest with you right now.

I do not understand how people can blindly go in and put something in their body that has not been adequately tested. Some are equating this to the Polio vaccine, let’s look at that shall we. Jonas Salk tested it for two years, and through the years has been proven effective. 

If you take the Polio vaccination you don’t get Polio, if you take the COVID vaccine you will still get COVID and in some instances die.

I have a friend, a real friend, that her 24 year old niece was fully vaccinated, she contracted COVID and died. Fully Vaccinated, tell me again why I should take this unproven concoction of chemicals?

I will not, I shan’t, no, not me, I will tell anyone who will listen why this is bad. Those of you who are willingly lining up are the trial, you are the experiment. 

I am a healthy 57 year old that has a very healthy immune system. I will not willingly compromise that by putting poison in my body.

I realize the people that have taken this poison will defend it, in some cases very literally to the death. 

To everyone who has taken it, please get healthy, eat fresh foods and get sunshine and exercise on a regular basis. Go for a walk, outside when you can, take vitamins, they do help. 

As usual, any comments, criticisms or questions can be left here or sent to me at I feel the need to reiterate, this is my world and any vitriol will be deleted and ignored. Real dialogue will not, it is welcomed and will be answered.

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