Happy Birthday Jeffrey Andrew!

Today you are 36, it doesn’t seem like you have been on this earth for that many years. I still remember the day you were born in the Italian pink stone hospital.

They took you two weeks before your due date because that’s what they did back in the olden days when one had a scheduled c-section. Which caused you to be born with water on your lungs. It was terrifying for a young mom.

You were in the NICCU for 7 days, you also got jaundice while in there and they shaved your hair into a Mohawk because of the I.V’s they put in the veins in your head.

You were definitely a sight, you were a beautiful sight, you were completely perfect. Ten toes, 10 fingers, a head full of hair (until they shaved part of it) perfect little face, you were my gift from God.

Your existence was a balm after major losses, which made your hospital stay even more terrifying.

The doctor said your lungs would never be normal and you would not play sports like the other kids. When you started soccer and later played baseball I wanted to search him out and show him how wrong he was.

You grew up strong, I cannot tell you how much I love you, my oldest, my son. I hope you know I still worry about you every single day of your life. That never goes away, I’ll always have you in my prayers until the day I am no longer here.

I hope you know how much I love you, I hope you know that if you need anything, an ear, a sounding board or someone to help, I’m here.

Happy Birthday Jeffrey Andrew, I love you beyond the moon and back!

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