China and Just Say No

Hi China!! I haven’t written in a while and when I looked at my stats you have been all over my site, so I though I would write and say hey.

There is a lot going on, so much I can’t write about now, but some I can. My religious exemption was accepted by the company I work for, I am very relieved. I will not be getting that chemical concoction of God knows what put in my body. No ingredient list, no go, all other drugs out there will list the side effects and what is in their drug. This is the only one that does not and now the drug companies are wanting to wait 55 years to tell the public what the side effects are. No thank you, to those of you that are willing to take this I understand. I sincerely hope that you experience none of the side effects that I am seeing others experience, including death.

I am making the trek to Costco today, I have a list, pray I can stay on it, the impulse buying is real there.

This weekend I decorate for Christmas, no, I have not done that yet, I have been very busy, but today and tomorrow are it, I need to see lights and tinsel and greenery everywhere.

I really can’t say anything else, a lot on my mind and heart cannot be said publicly as of yet. I will end with this, if you are a praying kind of person please say a prayer for two little girls who will make their entrance into this world in a week.

Bye for now China, really curious as to why you are so fascinated with little old me.

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