SATC Reboot Thoughts

I am going to say it, the really unpopular opinion, hate may come my way, I don’t care.

Watching Sex in the City continuation, And Just Like That, I have come to the conclusion I hate Miranda Hobbs. 

She is a bad friend, a bad mother and a bad wife, here comes the part where I tell you that if you have not watched, stop reading. I will be posting spoilers if you have not seen the first six episodes.

First we see Miranda allowing her teenage son and his girlfriend to have sex in her home. I don’t know how the girl’s parents feel about this, but we only see Miranda’s side. When her husband, Steve, questions the sanity of this, she says well they’d be doing it somewhere else. 

Same equation parents who allow underage drinking have.

Then we see her telling her friends that she and Steve no longer have sex. For years, it has been this way, and she has no desire to change it. I can guarantee if this were real life, Steve would be getting it somewhere else. He did in the first movie when Miranda did the same thing. He just learned his lesson about confessing his guilt.

Then we see the drinking, she drinks everywhere and at all times of the day. She is an alcoholic, she doesn’t want to admit that either. But she hides it in her backpack, oh and speaking of, she is literally the worst “woke” person ever!

She makes gauche mistakes that no woman her age would make, unless they are completely ignorant. This is, supposedly, a highly educated woman, living in the metropolis that is New York City. A place the wokest of the woke live. But there she is, a bull in a china shop making stupid mistakes.

Then we have the worst friend award, Carrie has to have hip surgery, someone has to be there afterward, in her home, to help her get around. Especially to the bathroom, it was Miranda’s turn to take care of her very dear friend.

Carrie’s podcast partner comes over to check on her. She is asleep so Miranda and Che go to the kitchen, where they proceed to smoke pot and make out.

Carrie awakens, needs help going to the bathroom and spots them in the kitchen, because they are being loud. Very loud, Carrie is desperately trying to get Miranda’s attention, calling help, she finally pees in a vase. Then spills it on her bed, she is laying in urine. That is when Miranda decides to be a friend. Then tries to justify her cheating on Steve.

I don’t care that it was another woman she did this with, she cheated on her husband. She needed to take a step back and remember how she felt when she found out about Steve cheating on her. Then if she wants to explore this new avenue, tell Steve and get a separation or divorce. 

Stop normalizing cheating, it always comes to a bad end, for everyone. 

That is all I have, I cringe every time Miranda Hobbs comes on the screen. I know the actress herself, went through a period of time where she was married to a man, then realized that was not who she was and divorced and married a woman. Maybe the writers wanted to explore this, and that’s fine, but the character Steve, doesn’t deserve this, his character deserves a little dignity. As do the fans, Miranda used to be the voice of reason, sanity, when the friends would go down an insane path. This change is coming out of nowhere. This is not the same character that took such care with her Mother-in-law that was battling dementia. 

This character was not written the same and it is not growth, we are seeing bad writing for a character that deserves better.

I hope the finale redeems Miranda, we will see next week.

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