My Review of American Underdog

I went to see American Underdog today, I highly recommend you do the same. A fun fact about me, I hate sports, like really do not watch any sports on television. In person is a different story, all except soccer, I will never ever ever go to a professional soccer match. 

I love sports movies, especially when they are based on a true story. Invincible, Miracle on Ice, Remember the Titans, those all come to mind. Even the Mighty Ducks movies, I know those are not based on a true story, but they are a feel good premise. The underdog coming from behind to win the day. I do love a good underdog story, not only in sports but in life.

I will admit, the draw to this particular movie was Zachary Levi, I loved him in Less than Perfect, Chuck, Tangled and of course Chuck, not to mention the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and of course Shazam.

American Underdog is a true testament to his talent, I have said this before, mostly to myself, Zachary Levi shines as an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. 

Wether it is a self identified geek suddenly thrust into the world of spies, a child suddenly becoming a grown man with super powers to this, becoming a cinderella of football.

Not to mention playing a complete legend like Kurt Warner, who not only did amazing things on the field but off as well. He gave life to a story about what the majority of the world sees as just a football player. He showed that he was not only talented on the field, he was a caring human off of the field.

I highly suggest you go see this movie even if you are not a sports fan. This will not make you one, it will however show you the range and talent of Zachary Levi. It may make you want to look into the life of Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda. I won’t give any spoilers to their life, let’s just say they are great people that were destined not only for each other, but greatness. They are special people that lives their lives in service to others. 

That is just my humble opinion, my non-sports watching opinion. I loved this movie and will most definitely buy it when it comes out on bluray. I’m old fashioned and like hard copies of movies. 

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