Catch Up and Gardening

I haven’t written in a while and I have a lot to get out, about a lot of different things, so let’s get started.

First, my hair, I have had it cut, to my shoulders, it was a major cut, I do this once in a while, I will have it cut shorter to get all of the dead ends off. I feel so much lighter and I feel it makes me look younger as well. It’s still purple, I love it so much, I cannot express how much I love my hair. It is actually a combination of crimson and purple. My two favorite colors in the world, I know I am old for this trend and I do not care. I want what I want and I am old enough to do it. 

Most women my age are greying, I tell them I am as well, I don’t know why, maybe to try and fit in, but I’m not. I know what you are thinking, why would I do that, I have no good answer, and is that true. It is, my stylist looks for gray every time she does my hair and can find none. Sometimes I find a gray eyebrow hair, my grandmother did not start graying until she was in her ninties, it irritated her, she was often asked if she dyed it, well that was a high insult to someone her age. Only bad women dyed their hair in her day, so to ask that was insinuating she was bad, which she might have been, I’ve heard a lot of rumors. But she did not dye her hair, I do, not because I’m bad, but because I can.

I started dying my hair when I was sixteen, much to my parents chagrin, I was trying to achieve Jamie Finnell red, if you are from Owasso and my age range you know exactly what I am talking about. I have never been able to achieve that look, which is probably for the best, my skin tone was not really meant for red hair. Red haired girls have porcelain skin, I have ruddy skin, which means I have a red undertone. 

Next up television shows, let’s talk Dharma and Greg, I have rewatched that recently and am so mad at how it ended. Can we get another season to tie things up? I know it is years late, but seriously, how could ABC do that to us? I forgot how angry and maddening that ending was, so disrespectful to the fans. Also Bless this Mess, how dare you end that show where you did, I was really mad about that one. 

Next on the list for discussion is gardening, I have planted some vegetables, tomatoes, jalapeños, potatoes, baby bell peppers, red onions, yellow onions, garlic and broccoli. I have started zucchini and regular bell peppers, we will see how they take.

I grew up with planters so it makes sense I would go to that as I age. Plus with the cost of groceries it only makes sense to grow our own. I highly suggest everyone start a garden, become as self sufficient as you can. You can make fun of me if you want but the writing is on the wall, you have to do what you can to protect your families well being.

And lastly, here is my advice for those of you calling into tech support. If you call in screaming, cursing, yelling and generally making a fool of yourself, then tell me at the end of the call that you are a Christian, I will not believe you. I will pray for your soul because, and I want you to pay attention, God can see you and hear you when you are on the phone with one of us. I firmly believe if you want to really know someone, unplug their router, see what happens. I will tell you that I have lost it a few times with a first level tech support person. Like the time I knew that the issue was outside and finally convinced the person to schedule a tech. Then a day later they call me and tell me that they have sent a signal to my router and it is working. I completely lost my mind, because the router was not getting a signal and I know that, how, because this is my job. 

When the tech finally got out there, he discovered that my neighbors moved and instead of disconnecting their service at the terminal, they disconnected my line. He was there a total of 10 minutes, from the time he knocked on the door to the time he fixed it and waited for my service to come back up.

If you need to call tech support and you get to my level, we already know how much you have been through. There is no need to scream at us, there is no need to call us names, I, myself, have been called the C word. And no, that was not for Christian, know that we do have run fresh tests so we can see what the line looks like right in that moment. So, take a step back, a deep breath, and calm down, we will help you. 

I have a lot more, but I’ll save that for later because what is left deserves it’s own discussion with nothing else.

As usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

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