Nutritionist and Other News

On Friday I met with my nutritionist, I had not seen her since February, we had one over the phone appointment. I realized I cannot do that, I am on the phone five days a week for 8 hours a day. I loath being on the phone if it is not a personal call, I really don’t want to pay for a phone visit. Plus it is not good for my mental health, I prefer medical appointments in person.

So on Friday I got to see my nutritionist! I was very excited to show her all of the supplements I had been taking. As these are ones I discovered on my own, I think she almost passed out when I put all of those on her desk.

Some were good, the ingredients were good, some not so much. She tweaked some things and made other suggestions.

She also ordered new blood work to check hormone balances and vitamins B and D. Then we will see what else needs to be refined and go from there.

I know I have talked about her before, but she really is good at what she does. She is a functional nutritionist, she doesn’t do cookie cutter nutrition. She actually looks at the individual person, their blood work, their lifestyle and what works for them.

She is also very gentle in her approach and doesn’t make me feel stupid or bad for past food mistakes.

I still love Hotworx as well, they managed to take two things I hate with a passion, the heat and exercise, and combined them into something I look forward to.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk Cobra Kai, this is a show I never knew I needed in my life! Yes, Shay suggested it, she will want full credit.

If you are anything like me and loved the Karate Kid movies from back in the day, you will love Cobra Kai!

It is the original actors, except for Pat Morita of course, because he is no longer with us.

William Zabka is absolutely fantastic in this, he really shows the road to redemption is rarely smooth. It is filled with ’80’s music, nostalgic looks at the past in clips from the movie. It is also about family, controlling ones emotions and the urge for payback.

I highly recommend it, there are only two seasons so far, looking forward to a third.

Since I have no new shows to watch I have currently started with Star Trek, the original one, from episode one, season one. I am very happy.

Another thing I am happy about is my BBFF is getting married! I have not met the future Mrs., however, I know without a doubt she is amazing. How do I know this you ask. Good question. His sister loves her, and his sister is way more protective than I am. So if she has the sister stamp of approval that is good enough for me. I can’t wait to raise a glass to their happiness at the wedding.

The new Marvel movie is out and I am thinking about going to the movies this coming weekend. I really want to see it, which brings me to my next item.

What I am sad about though is hearing about the passing of Chadwick Boseman. I cannot imagine the strength this man had, to do all of the movies he did, all the while battling cancer.

He gave so much to us yet managed to keep his personal life to himself.

He brought to life one of my favorite superheroes, I loved Black Panther growing up. I wanted to be a Dora Milaje, much like I wanted to be a Musketeer, I wanted to be the protector of the king.

I hope it brings comfort to his family knowing that he touched so many lives. He will continue to live on through his film work, generations to come will look at how he brought the king of Wakanda to life and will want to grow up to be like him.

That’s all I have for now, as usual any comments, questions or criticisms can be left here or sent to me at

Crack Chicken

So, on Facebook, which is the litmus for every single thing, ever, I have been seeing a recipe for something called crack chicken. It is supposed to be keto friendly and amazing, there was just one problem with this, it is made with ranch dressing, yes, the singularly most disgusting thing ever invented by man, ranch dressing.

I bemoaned the fact that I would never get to taste crack chicken because of this abysmal ingredient.

Then I stumbled upon a man that is a fitness coach that does the keto lifestyle and he makes a version of this chicken with, are you ready for this, Caesar! Yes, Caesar!

I LOVE Caesar dressing, so tonight, for my meal prep for next week, I went out and bought a very keto, all natural, Caesar dressing, chicken, cream cheese and bacon. I have it in the crockpot to cook all night. I’ll update you next week.

Over Christmas I totally went off of the keto diet, I think I ate a vat of dressing. I have 0 guilt over this, but I am right back on and I managed to get right back into ketosis.

On another awesome front, it is cold here in North Texas and I got to wear my new coat that I received from Elizabeth Anne for Christmas.

I may have buried the lead, but here goes, BBFF chats me the other day and asks what I am doing on certain dates. He then says just make yourself available, GF has done research and those are the dates Dean Cain is confirmed to be at Comic Cons.

So GF has not forgotten her mission to get me face to face with the love of my life. Yes, I know he doesn’t know me and even if he did the odds of him actually falling for a fan are miniscule. However, let’s take a look at others who have made that happen.

Jason Momoa had a huge crush on Lisa Bonet, told his mother when he was 7 years old he was going to marry her. Where is he now, married to Lisa Bonet.

Kelly Preston had a poster of John Travolta on her wall growing up, where is she now, married to John Travolta.

Jillian Fink had a huge crush on Patrick Dempsey, who is she married to now, Patrick Dempsey.

I am sure there are others, but I am too lazy to look them up. My point is, it could happen, but until I am completely shot down by Dean Cain I shall continue to hope and dream and yes pray.

So, now two trips planned for the same month! This is 2018 redux, except the trips are earlier in the year, and surprisingly is with some of the same people.

Maybe Shay and I can do a weekend trip this year and chronicle that. She was a great travel partner as we both ate the same.

The other travel partners don’t eat the way I do but they are all considerate of the way I eat and try and find places where I can make good choices. They are pretty excellent travel partners as well.

I am seriously excited about traveling with Elizabeth Anne, I know we are going to have a fabulous time celebrating the marriage of a beloved friend, more like family member and exploring Orlando.

Oh, one more Facebook thing, several people have posted this thing of post your first profile picture and one from now. So I shall do that here, the first is from December of 2007, the second one is from December of 2018. No filters on either of them.

As usual any comments, criticisms or praises can be sent to

My Journey Begins

Well, here I sit, doing it once again, going all in on a weight loss episode, only this time feels different. I have joined a place, Fitness Together, that works on the whole thing, physical activity as well as nutrition, I have been asked to give up diary, grains and sugar for a month. I am going to do it, I know when I give up sugar I feel better, I am less bloated, I feel less tired and am clearer headed. So for a month I shall give up these things and begin a work out regimen four times a week to begin with.
At the end of the month we shall see how I feel giving up those things, they said at that time we will add things back in. this way we can see if I have a food sensitivity, which makes sense.
I am going to miss cheese and milk the most, I give up sugar all the time, so that won’t kill me, plus I can still have honey in my coffee so I’m good there.
So, this weekend, before I start on Monday, I am eating popcorn, cheese and cereal, maybe some ice cream in there somewhere. I need to say goodbye properly to things I love, and I do so love cheese and popcorn.
Going over what I currently eat, I was told I am not eating enough, and really not enough of the good things. I would tend to agree with this, so I am going to be going on 1500 calories a day, which will be a challenge to get in for me.
I used to have energy, I could come home, do laundry, clean up a bit and stay up later, now I find I come home and just want to sit down. And I sit all day! There is no excuse for this. Fitness Together is owned by a husband and wife, Ray and Amy, Amy asked me if I was tired after eating a baked potato, because carbs tend to cause your body to wind down so it can digest them. I didn’t know how to answer because I am literally tired all of the time. I go to work and I come home, I rarely leave my home on the weekends, I just want to sleep, if I am not sleeping I am sitting.
Not a good way to live, there are times I don’t even feel like shopping, yes, I said shopping, and I love shopping. A lot.
After watching my friend Gladys, go through this amazing transformation over the past year, I decided to give her place a try. She, along with BBFF another friend, Vicki, have inspired me to take my life back, my health and my fitness. I am incredibly tired of being, well tired; it is time to wake up. The older I get the harder it will become; it will be a challenge as it is at my age.
50 is old to begin this intensive of a workout, however I am determined, I shall do it, and I shall do it for good this time. I need to live a really long time; I have so much to live for, my children, Tessa, friends who need me to give them advice well into my dotage. Ok the last part was made up, but it does make me smile to say it.
I, of course, shall take you all along with me while I suffer through the withdrawals and the pain of getting my muscles back. I come from incredibly strong people, physically as well as mentally; I have no doubt I will be channeling them and persevering.

Soap Box

Real letter in Dear Abby:

DEAR ABBY: I have been dating a divorced man, “Chris,” for four years. He has a son who is 16. On the weekends Chris has his son, I become the “invisible girlfriend.” Sometimes the three of us will go to a movie or out to eat, but I am never welcome to spend the night.
Chris and I have talked about living together, but never in depth. Unless I bring it up, he never says anything about it. When Valentine’s Day came around, Chris asked if we could celebrate it a few days late because he was scheduled to have his son that night. I was heartbroken because even a Valentine dinner for the three of us was out.
I am beginning to think there is no future with Chris. He seems fine just dating and seeing me every other weekend as someone to hang out with, but not to commit to. Suggestions? — DISMISSED IN DENVER
DEAR DISMISSED: When you started dating Chris, his son was 12. It seems to me that what he has done is put his parenting responsibilities before anything else, and I respect that.
If romance and marriage are what you’re looking for, I suggest you stop asking Chris about living together and ask instead about whether the two of you have a future. Chris has been treating you like a friend with benefits for four years. The pattern is set and it isn’t likely to change by itself.
Me again, so this dad is doing it right, he is putting his son before his girlfriend, and this woman has issues with this. Wow. That is all I can say, wow. I say kudos to this father for putting his son first, for being a father who is worthy of the name. Father. What this woman wants is a devoted boyfriend, to only her, and if she wants that, she deserves it, however, this man is not the man for her. He is, rightfully, devoted to his son, who did not choose to be in this world.
I want to make this clear, the woman is not selfish, she is simply with the wrong man, I have no idea why she has been with this man for 4 years. She knew up front that his son was going to come first; I cannot imagine he would not have been upfront with that little tidbit. Not with how she describes their four-year relationship, she should have moved on within the first month. I say that because she will never be what she wants to be to this man, number one, she will always come in second. When his son gives him a grandchild, she will become even less of a focus for him, she needs to find someone who will give her the kind of attention she craves.
I think this man is awesome; it is a rare thing in this world where a man puts his child first before a woman. I see it all the time, this woman could have her pick, my BBFF is one of those rare men who puts their child first. He is to be commended for the way he takes the role of dad to the highest level. He gives me hope for fathers everywhere. My son is another; he is devoted to his daughter, and puts her first over women. These two show what it is to be a devoted father, it’s easy to be one when you are married to the mother of the child, you have two parents in the household sharing the responsibilities. When there is only one parent in the household the work and responsibilities and also the joys are there just for you. Going it alone is not the easy road (not that parenting is easy for the married either, just focusing on single parents because it is what I know the best) keeping the course and focusing on your child (or children) is a lonely row to hoe. However, it is worth it, the sacrifices, the nights where you have to do all the work, caring for a sick child, or three at once. When they are adults, and well adjusted, because you made the sacrifices you made, letting them know they are number one, are so worth it all.
For my single parent friends, stay strong, keep the course and never allow society or anyone pressure you into making decisions that would adversely affect your child.

The Things I learn

I have a confession to make, every morning while I am getting ready for work I watch old episodes of the Andy Griffith show. I have always loved that show, especially the older ones, the ones in black and white. I appreciate the gentle humor, a story told in 30 minutes, a lesson learned. There is always a lesson to learn, whether Andy is getting his hat handed to him by the women of the town or watching him parent Opie and admitting to a little boy when he, the parent, has made a mistake and must own up to it.

One can learn a lot from watching this classic television show, I think, in today’s hectic society, that this show is exactly what people need. A chance to see life in a slower pace, appreciating those around you and taking the time to interact with others.

With the advent of smart phones, tablets, computers everywhere, we are losing our ability to interact in a personal way. This is my belief, I find myself being drawn in, I carry my smart phone with me, ever connected to the world at large, but not interacting in person. Alex tells me he hates the computer, I am beginning to agree with him, he rarely texts me, instead he calls. We talk person to person and I like it, you can convey so much more voice to voice than you can in text messaging.

Elizabeth also calls me, now she and I text a lot, but that is because for 11 hours a day, 4 days a week, I am at work and not able to take calls. So she and I communicate a lot via text and twitter.  Jeffrey is more of a face-to-face kind of child, he prefers communicating in person. I enjoy that as well.

I am going to preface the next thought with I am not Catholic, however, it is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Typically, if one is Catholic, they give something up for Lent, for 40 days they sacrifice something they love. At least this was my understanding, until I asked my BBFF about it, going the route of what are you giving up. He said nothing, he hadn’t practiced this in years, I said I was very disappointed as he was my go to Catholic. This was his response:

“Actually, giving up stuff for Lent has been out of favor for a decade or so. It is the THOUGHT behind the giving up, namely sacrificing to prepare yourself for the Death of Jesus, that is important. While giving up is not bad, doing a more “positive” sacrifice is better.”

I thought this was a perfect response and gave me a better understanding of his belief system. Yes even after all of these years I can still learn something about my BBFF. You see we never stop learning about others, there is always something new to learn, something to discover.

So, here is my challenge to you, go out and have an actual conversation with someone, face to face, voice to voice. Learn something about someone you have known for years. Please report back.


Well a full weekend was had; I find I need a weekend after the weekend to rest! Friday was spent cleaning and shopping for the Ladies that Lunch event I was hosting at my home.

Saturday morning was up and at ‘em early in the morning, sweeping and mopping, can’t do that the day before with a sheddy dog in the house. Then setting up for the ladies, then the actual event. I do believe it went off without a hitch, except for the person who doesn’t like dogs. I explained Stormie is not a dog, she is a Husky. There is a huge difference.

Then off to Jeffrey’s who had picked up my Bountiful Basket for me, it was all organic this time. I split it with Jeffrey and Alex as there was no way we could eat all of that before it spoiled.

Then Sunday was a visit from BBFF, his son and his new Husky Cody, very exciting, just a few incidents of territorial behavior from Stormie. Otherwise I do believe it was a good beginning of friendship for the two pups.

Then The Walking Dead, this show has me on the edge of my seat every week, I am so tense afterwards. Great show, great writing, acting, directing, the whole shebang is had here. If you are not watching I suggest you catch up on Netflix, well worth the time.

Then Monday was back to work; I have not interacted with said person from previous post yet. They work Tuesday through Saturday, so today will be the first time I will have any interaction. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except my disdain is furthered by the fact they made this person a trainer. Partly due to them being so bad on the phone, that is how things are handled. Oh, you’re bad at your job; let’s give you more responsibility, which furthers my frustration. Oh well, this is only 40 hours of my week, and really only 30 with this person, a small amount, I shall not allow it to change me. Did I mention we share a manager now and I have to see and hear this persons voice at our daily meetings? Prayers people!

Exciting weekend ahead, starting with a chocolate cherry facial on Friday, then Tessa, the Irishman has his girls this weekend. Then The Walking Dead, so excited!

Oh did I mention I received my copy of Thor The Dark World last night? A day earlier than the release date, this is what happens when you are a Disney Movie preferred customer. You get perks. My perk, Thor.

This is it, I can feel it, this is the movie that I will assimilate into, I have to choose my outfit carefully.


February is not going the way I want it to, it hasn’t in several years, I must ask myself what I am doing that angers God so much He withholds snow. That is the big question; I might just have a pity party on my birthday, who wants to join me? No one? Alright then, cake for one.
I am enjoying the cold weather; I do love the crispness of the air, the smell of rain, the season for boots and sweater dresses. Of course in my advancing age I will probably have to give up sweater dresses in the near future. Those are a young persons game, not an old woman.
There is something I feel compelled to talk about, Maria Kang; the fit mom on Facebook that people seem to think it is ok to shame. I think she rocks; she did not use her three children as an excuse to let herself go, she has openly admitted she fought the battle of an eating disorder. She has worked hard to become fit, healthy, and is helping other women to achieve the same.
I wish I had the dedication she has, she does not spend hours a day exercising, this is a misnomer, I wish people would actually read what she did and continues to do to achieve and keep her toned, HEALTHY body.
She does it so she can live a long healthy life, to see her boys grow up and see their children as well. Why on earth does that give people the right to ridicule her? Do you feel guilty that you do not do all you can do to become healthy?
Have you actually seen the calendar she has done? Featuring other mothers who have fought their battles and are winning? I admit, I have not done all I can do; as a result I have a hideous, unhealthy body.
No one knows what I look like with no clothes on and they never will, as it is not pretty. It is my own fault, I did not eat healthy during any of my pregnancies, ok, with Elizabeth I tried, Arby’s called my name. I am weak.
I didn’t exercise consistently, I ate junk and crap, the thing is, I didn’t grow up on that stuff. I grew up farm fed, healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. There was very little in the way of junk food in our home.
I know what to do to get fit and healthy, I need to stop with the excuses and just do it, in the famous words of Nike. I need to get rid of my excuses; I need to follow my BBFF’s fine example. He and I are a lot alike, in the fact that we do not enjoy working out, but he has done it! He made the commitment to get healthy and fit, he has worked and worked and not only feels better he looks fantastic! Good job BBFF I admire your commitment and never wavering stick-to-itiveness, yes it’s a word.
So, this year, my 50th, is my year, the year I get my life under control, it is said your outer environment is a direct reflection of your inner conflict. If you live in chaos, uncontrolled appetites, you have inner issues that need to be dealt with. My outer chaos is reflected in my eating habits and lack of commitment to exercise. This year that changes.
You will see a new me this year, 2014, you will see a slimmer, healthier, fitter Angie in Angieworld.


I have taken some time off because I have been as sick as the proverbial dog, I am doing better this morning, although now I have no voice. Good thing I don’t have to talk for this part of my life.
This is a little late in coming, however, I would like to tell you all about the Conversations show that aired last Saturday. It was part 2 of Can Men and Women be Just Friends, without the romance part getting in the way. As the majority of you know, my best friend is male, we have been best friends for 15 years now. And yes, it has always been friendship, none of the other stuff getting in the way. I knew our relationship was special, because it is a great friendship, I didn’t realize it was unique until we started talking about it to, well, all of you. To me it is a normal, healthy, friendship, early on we both realized what a special friendship we had and decided none of the other stuff was ever going to come into play.
If you want to hear his take on the friendship you can listen via mine and Shanon J’s website, the show is up and ready for you to click.
I started thinking about the legacy he and I are leaving for our respective children, my daughter has a BBFF (boy best friend forever) as well. They have been friends for years, since high school, their friendship continues today. I feel proud that I set an example that men and women can be simply friends. She has seen this growing up and it is normal for her.
Now my BBFF has a son, and he is setting an example for his son that he can have these types of friendships without anything else going on. It is a unconscious happening, something that they just see and take as normal.
It should be the norm, not the exception, however, I am learning it is not. I was speaking with a man at work about it and he said he was interested in listening to the show. He went on to say he has tried to be friends with women and they always go off in the direction of oh he’s paying attention to me, oh he must like me.
The thing is, if you want to be friends with someone of the opposite sex, you must have the conversation, the open, honest one, where both parties agree that the friendship is more important than anything else. We have never once been inappropriate with each other, our lives are transparent, anyone can look in at any time and see what is going on. I am proud to call this man my friend, he is honest, caring, honorable (a trait that is quickly fading in this society) good-looking, incredibly intelligent (he keeps me on my toes) and funny. Oh he’s single as well ladies, his sister and I are taking applications, you have to go through both of us for approval.
So, go out, look for friendship, your lives will be richer for it.


I wonder what my life would have been like if I lived in the 1800’s, I come from people who worked the land, so what would I have been? I mean, seriously, I am really lazy when it comes to physical work, well, no I’m not, not if it has to be done. However, to have to do it every day, and since I am a woman I would have been expected to cook and clean. For a lot of people, because during planting and harvesting times the neighbors all came to help each other, my job would have been to make sure the men were fed. I don’t even know how women did it back then, no microwaves, no ovens like we know them now, no fancy cookware. Dishes to wash afterwards, because there were no paper plates, no plastic forks, no plastic cups so all of that would have to be washed by hand because definitely no electric dishwasher.
I like to think if I had been born then I would have persuaded my parents I needed to go on to a higher education, which for women meant finishing school. Educated women were not man magnets back in the day and face they still are not, men like empty headed arm candy. Always have, always will, as a matter of fact when my grandfather started teaching me to read my grandmother told him not to. She said, she’s pretty, she doesn’t need an education, she will marry well. Grandpa laughed and did it anyway, he told me “listen, your looks will fade, all you will be left with is your brain”, I hope I have done him proud with the use of my brain over using my looks to get what I want out of life.
I didn’t teach my daughter to get by on her looks either, and she is about a thousand times prettier than I am, this could explain why she can’t get out of speeding tickets. I did learn how to do that with my looks, not above using them for that as long as I can. I digress, I would like to think I would have run away from the farm and tried my luck in the city; however that would have been dangerous. The only jobs available to women back then were maid or um, well, in a brothel. Neither of those careers appeal to me.
So farm girl it is,  gotta feel bad for those men eating my cooking, poor things, although they would love my no bake cookies. I would probably feed them sandwiches, they would not want to come work on my farm, sorry, my husbands farm, since women were not really allowed to own anything. They were in fact the property, like cattle.
I am beyond happy I was born in this time period, where I was encouraged to learn about everything, where I have had the opportunity to do whatever I want career wise. I know what you are thinking, that I am not really doing what I love in life and while that is true, I have been afforded the luxury of working in a place that trains me to do different jobs and I am able to move around and advance. Not something to sneeze at my friends, plus I have gotten to meet the most wonderful people who have become not only friends but family. For example my BBFF, he is more family than friend, if I had not been employed by this company I would never have such a wonderful friend. If I had not been employed by this company I would not be on the radio, as I met Shanon J at this company. I would never have met the Irishman and become engaged.
I think a lot about living in different time periods, but truth be told I am happy to be in this time period, where I am free to learn, free to speak, free to have an amazing job, amazing opportunities and meet amazing people. I still want to visit other time periods, but not wear out my welcome.

Results of Experiment

Yesterday was my experiment, my 24 hours of no negativity, well, let me tell you it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. The thing that tripped me up was an interaction with someone from a lower level of support that did not know what they were doing and did not listen to what I was asking or telling them. It was completely frustrating, I slipped, I was negative in my head, then I learned a former co-worker passed away, while not a negative reaction still sad. My BBFF experienced a loss this past weekend; you don’t want to be complete sunshine while offering comforting words. My heart goes out to him and his family, so not an easy day to maintain a positive outlook in life.
Today I shall strive to do it all over again, I am determined to erase negativity out of my life, while I realize it is impossible to erase all of it, I do believe one can get rid of the majority of negative thoughts and actions.
So Alex is taking a history class this semester, I am beyond excited for him, I ordered his text book online, to be honest I may break it open before he comes to get it! I know he will do well, he has an avid interest in history, I do believe he gets this from me. Also he gets his ability to argue from me, I know this is a strange thing to be proud of, however, not for this family. He is a calm arguer; I like that he never loses his cool in a debate and can make his point, intelligently, with thought provoking points.
I am extremely tired today, so this shall be short, please check out the post I put up about honey and cinnamon, I do believe people will find it interesting

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