February is not going the way I want it to, it hasn’t in several years, I must ask myself what I am doing that angers God so much He withholds snow. That is the big question; I might just have a pity party on my birthday, who wants to join me? No one? Alright then, cake for one.
I am enjoying the cold weather; I do love the crispness of the air, the smell of rain, the season for boots and sweater dresses. Of course in my advancing age I will probably have to give up sweater dresses in the near future. Those are a young persons game, not an old woman.
There is something I feel compelled to talk about, Maria Kang; the fit mom on Facebook that people seem to think it is ok to shame. I think she rocks; she did not use her three children as an excuse to let herself go, she has openly admitted she fought the battle of an eating disorder. She has worked hard to become fit, healthy, and is helping other women to achieve the same.
I wish I had the dedication she has, she does not spend hours a day exercising, this is a misnomer, I wish people would actually read what she did and continues to do to achieve and keep her toned, HEALTHY body.
She does it so she can live a long healthy life, to see her boys grow up and see their children as well. Why on earth does that give people the right to ridicule her? Do you feel guilty that you do not do all you can do to become healthy?
Have you actually seen the calendar she has done? Featuring other mothers who have fought their battles and are winning? I admit, I have not done all I can do; as a result I have a hideous, unhealthy body.
No one knows what I look like with no clothes on and they never will, as it is not pretty. It is my own fault, I did not eat healthy during any of my pregnancies, ok, with Elizabeth I tried, Arby’s called my name. I am weak.
I didn’t exercise consistently, I ate junk and crap, the thing is, I didn’t grow up on that stuff. I grew up farm fed, healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables. There was very little in the way of junk food in our home.
I know what to do to get fit and healthy, I need to stop with the excuses and just do it, in the famous words of Nike. I need to get rid of my excuses; I need to follow my BBFF’s fine example. He and I are a lot alike, in the fact that we do not enjoy working out, but he has done it! He made the commitment to get healthy and fit, he has worked and worked and not only feels better he looks fantastic! Good job BBFF I admire your commitment and never wavering stick-to-itiveness, yes it’s a word.
So, this year, my 50th, is my year, the year I get my life under control, it is said your outer environment is a direct reflection of your inner conflict. If you live in chaos, uncontrolled appetites, you have inner issues that need to be dealt with. My outer chaos is reflected in my eating habits and lack of commitment to exercise. This year that changes.
You will see a new me this year, 2014, you will see a slimmer, healthier, fitter Angie in Angieworld.

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