Well a full weekend was had; I find I need a weekend after the weekend to rest! Friday was spent cleaning and shopping for the Ladies that Lunch event I was hosting at my home.

Saturday morning was up and at ‘em early in the morning, sweeping and mopping, can’t do that the day before with a sheddy dog in the house. Then setting up for the ladies, then the actual event. I do believe it went off without a hitch, except for the person who doesn’t like dogs. I explained Stormie is not a dog, she is a Husky. There is a huge difference.

Then off to Jeffrey’s who had picked up my Bountiful Basket for me, it was all organic this time. I split it with Jeffrey and Alex as there was no way we could eat all of that before it spoiled.

Then Sunday was a visit from BBFF, his son and his new Husky Cody, very exciting, just a few incidents of territorial behavior from Stormie. Otherwise I do believe it was a good beginning of friendship for the two pups.

Then The Walking Dead, this show has me on the edge of my seat every week, I am so tense afterwards. Great show, great writing, acting, directing, the whole shebang is had here. If you are not watching I suggest you catch up on Netflix, well worth the time.

Then Monday was back to work; I have not interacted with said person from previous post yet. They work Tuesday through Saturday, so today will be the first time I will have any interaction. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except my disdain is furthered by the fact they made this person a trainer. Partly due to them being so bad on the phone, that is how things are handled. Oh, you’re bad at your job; let’s give you more responsibility, which furthers my frustration. Oh well, this is only 40 hours of my week, and really only 30 with this person, a small amount, I shall not allow it to change me. Did I mention we share a manager now and I have to see and hear this persons voice at our daily meetings? Prayers people!

Exciting weekend ahead, starting with a chocolate cherry facial on Friday, then Tessa, the Irishman has his girls this weekend. Then The Walking Dead, so excited!

Oh did I mention I received my copy of Thor The Dark World last night? A day earlier than the release date, this is what happens when you are a Disney Movie preferred customer. You get perks. My perk, Thor.

This is it, I can feel it, this is the movie that I will assimilate into, I have to choose my outfit carefully.

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