The Cult of Rustic Cuff

I was a single struggling mom once upon a time, there were situations where making a decision between paying the electric bill or buying food to feed my children were realities.
I am saying this as a preface to what I am about to vent, yes vent, rant, an old fashioned Angie Rant is in the works.
As I have written about before, I was introduced to the world of Rustic Cuff, it is a store in Tulsa that has become a phenomenon. The owner gives away a lot of bracelets and does great things in the community, the following is nothing on her.
I was introduced to a group on Facebook (of course) called Addicted 2 Cuffs, Jill Donovan Fan Club, kid you not, that is the name.
In this club I have seen some really good things, but the majority of things I have seen border on narcissistic, selfish, unkind and unfeeling behavior. They worship Jill like she is Jesus come to earth again. They say things like, in the spirit of Jill and what Jill would want and things of that nature. I am not going to lie; I have been truly bothered by some of the things I have seen.
First I am going to touch on the things I have seen that have inspired me, the woman who took her mother out this Christmas and they bought lunch for strangers. Took money and went to fast food places and paid for people’s meals that were in line at the drive-thru. That was inspiring, the woman who spoke of her friend whose husband lost his job, people donated gift cards so she could buy groceries and gas. Inspiring. Jill taking toy donations for the children’s ward at the local hospitals. Inspiring.
Then we see the ugly side of things, the woman whose 5-year-old son told her he needed money for the Santa shop at school, she asked what he was going to buy. He said he wanted to buy her a bracelet, because she wears them and he wanted to get her one because they make her happy. She told her son not to buy her any bracelet but Rustic Cuff. He said I guess I’ll buy you a necklace, because even a 5-year-old knows he can’t afford one of those bracelets. One could almost feel his defeat, as his mother cackled about this and women clicked like and made comments like, oh I don’t own anything but Rustic Cuff. This mother should be ashamed of herself, all her son knew was mommy wears pretty bracelets and loves them and he wanted to be included on her arm.
God help the person who sells one of these things they have bought with their own money, these women become vicious. Here’s the thing, once one buys something, it becomes theirs to do with what they want. If someone on eBay is willing to pay 4 times the original price, well good for that seller. They are living the American Dream, it is called supply and demand, it is called feeding your family.
To the woman who said her goal this year was to give away 52 of these things, I am truly flabbergasted. I did the math, even on the low-end, that is $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 in costume jewelry. I’m sorry, but if you saved that money all year and at the end of the year used that lump sum to truly help someone in need, that is in the spirit of Christ.
Let’s not kid ourselves, Jill is making money hand over fist, that is why she can give away trips to Disneyland and Iwatches and IPad and free bracelets. She is incredibly altruistic, but she is not Jesus! Women are forgetting that, once again, when I see in the spirit of Jill or let’s do what Jill would want I am a little horrified.
I wonder if this woman who started all of this reads some of these things and is just as horrified as I am, I wonder if she thinks how can I rein it in. I don’t know, I don’t know her, at all.
I do know she did a wonderfully nice thing for someone very close to me and I really appreciate it. But Jill is not Jesus. I did not praise her, I thanked God for His work in this woman’s life.
I am done buying bracelets, I have enough, after all, I only have two arms, I have the ones I want, ones that represent people and things very near and dear to me. My children, my home state and my Sooners, that is enough.
Oh, I also wear bracelets other than Rustic Cuff, gasp, I know, right! Imagine the horror!
I have seen pictures of some of the collections of these women and I have done the math, no one needs over $3,000.00 worth of costume jewelry, no matter the message of the owner of the company. You could have a really good piece of jewelry that you could hand down to your children for that amount of money.
I know I will take a lot of bashing for this, as those women are vicious when they feel that their cult has been belittled. However, living in Texas, I feel relatively safe.

Happiness Rant

I have to say nothing irritates me more than seeing the word happy flung around. Do what makes you happy, happiness is all that matters in this world. What a load of cock, I’d say the other word, but I don’t in life so I won’t here.

If I did what makes me happy I would live on puffy Cheetos, drink diet coke and stalk Dean Cain all over the world. I choose to do the right thing, I choose to do things that give me great joy, happiness is such a human word, a human emotion, and it is fleeting.

Joy is eternal, having a joyous soul gives one the unique ability to overcome trials and tribulations of an earthly nature. Happiness can be punctured, can be effected by the outside world.

I am not saying don’t be happy, there are a great many things that I am happy about, and they are all human things and can be taken away at any given moment. Certain television shows make me happy, they can be taken away at the whim of a network executive.

Whenever I see the memes or words of people saying the only thing that matters in this world is happiness so do what makes you happy I want to literally scream.

When the bible was translated into English, there was no happy in it, men put that word in there, joyous, joy, blessed, those were the words used.

Jesus did not promise us great happiness if we followed him, he promised great joy, he also told us we would be persecuted, ridiculed, but to stand fast in our faith. Our faith, not our happiness, so there we have it folks, faith, hope and love these are the things that are left and of these three, love is the greatest. Love gives us faith and hope and great joy, look beyond mere happiness, find your joy, find your hope, find your faith and you will have your blessings, in abundance.

The blessings may not be what you think happiness is, it may be something entirely different, you will never know until you give up the inane pursuit of happiness and look towards something beyond.

If I had not stepped out in faith by accepting my Aunt Odela’s offer to come to Owasso, I would never have had a real mother and father. I would never know the joy of being a real daughter, I would never have known the joy of having a friendship that has spanned 38+ years. I would never have known the joy of being a mother to the best children ever.

Stepping out on faith gives us joy, not happiness, once again, not saying don’t be happy, there are many earthly things that give me happiness. But they can be taken away at any given time, joy cannot.




Well here we are, Thursday, the day before Friday, the gateway day, so happy it is here. This week has really flown by; I was thrown into the deep end of the pool work wise. On Monday, all of us who were in the training class were thrown into the fray, taking calls and helping customers.
I feel clunky with the tools still, but helping people is not something new to me, I have been doing that for years in the major telecommunications corporation I work for. Identifying with the customer, feeling their pain at the trouble they are having is something I do really well. Now I am just adding television and voice issues to the fray, and trust I understand television woes. Yesterday I had to tell a woman we really needed to replace her DVR and when she gave a wailing no, I knew exactly how she felt. I told her so, I said listen when I had to replace my DVR I about died, I have so many things recorded. Not just season finales SERIES finales. She said I’m so happy you understand, other people think I’m crazy. I said no ma’am, we are the normal ones, she laughed, said give her a week to clear it out and then she would call back and have it replaced.
I have often said that I am placed near the most interesting people; this time is no different. My new teammates are nice, helpful and have a great sense of humor as a whole. I feel good in my new place, while I miss seeing all of the familiar faces that I had grown accustomed to over the years, I like where I have landed.
God always has a plan and even though I balk at times in the end I know He is right and places me in the right place.
Speaking of, I had an argument with Jesus the other night and of course He won, I did what I was told to do and had awesome results. It wasn’t the ending I thought it was going to be; in fact it has turned out to be a beginning. Life is amazing when you follow what you’re supposed to do and not what is comfortable or what you really want to do.
Must go, time to get dressed, go to work, help the people keep their entertainment and windows to the world working.

More Parenting Rant

Now that I have gotten on the subject of parenting I can’t seem to let it go! well here goes another rant, I have been told over the years that I am lucky that I have good kids. Luck? Luck had nothing to do with my children and how they behaved and continue to behave. It was by hard work, discipline and raising them in church. Yes I fully believe raising them in church had a huge part of how they turned out.
I remember one time, when Elizabeth Anne was about 2, before Alex was born, we were in Wal-Mart and she was just sitting in the cart, calm, no issues and I saw a woman from church. This woman had a child about a month older than Elizabeth that was out of control, running up and down the aisle, pulling things off the shelf, she was saying, “now honey” ugh. She looked up and saw us, and she said how do you do that? I said, do what, she said get her to just sit there. I looked her straight in the eye and said healthy fear. Elizabeth Anne, even at that age knew there would be consequences to running up and down the aisle and behaving badly. This woman allowed her child to rule her home and there were never consequences to any actions.
Sure there have been rebellions over the years, however when you set clear-cut rules, with clear-cut consequences for actions, and follow through, there will be fewer of those outbreaks.
I actually had a child correct me once, not my child mind you, in my own home! I was so shocked that a child would correct an adult. I looked at that 7-year-old and said never do that again. This is my home, you never correct an adult, you might be able to do that in your home with your mother, but never with me. Shocking that this child was so casual in her correcting. I was honestly floored.
Same child was allowed to run wild in public, I put an end to that when she was with me, she was running wild in the mall and I told her that if she continued I was going to march her to security and call her mother to come and get her. The look on her face was priceless, no adult in her life had ever taken her to task before. Same child no longer behaves that way in my presence. It was crazy.
When I hear horror stories of some people’s children I think, it is true, what you sow you so shall reap. If you sow the seeds of discipline issues, of disrespect, of passiveness, of godlessness, then when these children are older you will reap that. If you sow the seeds of respectfullness, an ability to speak their mind without being rude, if you sow the seeds of faithfulness, of showing them the love of God, the holy spirit, Jesus, then when they are older they will return to that if they do turn away for a while.
If you let your children know there are real consequences for their actions, you are preparing them for the world, preparing them for the workplace, for life. If you do not, you are preparing them for a life of discontent. Your choice, will you choose wisely?

Boycott Starbucks at Parker and Alma

This morning it is pouring rain, so of course I leave for work early, so early I have time to stop at Starbucks.
I actually stop at one of my favorite Starbucks, located at Parker and Alma, I tell the drive thru speaker my order.
I pull up to the window, first they have my drink order wrong, and the girl acts like it is my fault that they did not listen to what I said. Then she hands me my breakfast wrap sans bag and fork, plus no napkins. I ask her politely for these items, she huffs and puffs and acts like she is going to blow the piggies house down.
Once I hand her my Starbucks gold card, she puts on an incredibly fake smile and says drive safely in the most snarky voice I have heard in a while.
I will be boycotting this Starbucks from this point forward, never have I been treated so poorly. I will also be sending this entry to Starbucks Corporate, they need to know what kind of employee they have. I do this not to get the girl fired, but to have her re-trained in customer service.
In today’s economy can one really afford to be snarky to a loyal customer? I think not, so Starbucks at Parker and Alma, you have lost my business and I am suggesting that others follow suit. Boycott them, and let corporate know why.
Drive in uneventful, even with all of the rain, smooth sailing, so to speak. I love this weather, it is amazing, it is not snow, but I will take it.
When it rains I always get the urge to sing Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, I don’t know why, but I sing that song. What song do you sing in the rain? And if it is rain rain go away, please do not tell me. I do not want it to go away.

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