Well here we are, Thursday, the day before Friday, the gateway day, so happy it is here. This week has really flown by; I was thrown into the deep end of the pool work wise. On Monday, all of us who were in the training class were thrown into the fray, taking calls and helping customers.
I feel clunky with the tools still, but helping people is not something new to me, I have been doing that for years in the major telecommunications corporation I work for. Identifying with the customer, feeling their pain at the trouble they are having is something I do really well. Now I am just adding television and voice issues to the fray, and trust I understand television woes. Yesterday I had to tell a woman we really needed to replace her DVR and when she gave a wailing no, I knew exactly how she felt. I told her so, I said listen when I had to replace my DVR I about died, I have so many things recorded. Not just season finales SERIES finales. She said I’m so happy you understand, other people think I’m crazy. I said no ma’am, we are the normal ones, she laughed, said give her a week to clear it out and then she would call back and have it replaced.
I have often said that I am placed near the most interesting people; this time is no different. My new teammates are nice, helpful and have a great sense of humor as a whole. I feel good in my new place, while I miss seeing all of the familiar faces that I had grown accustomed to over the years, I like where I have landed.
God always has a plan and even though I balk at times in the end I know He is right and places me in the right place.
Speaking of, I had an argument with Jesus the other night and of course He won, I did what I was told to do and had awesome results. It wasn’t the ending I thought it was going to be; in fact it has turned out to be a beginning. Life is amazing when you follow what you’re supposed to do and not what is comfortable or what you really want to do.
Must go, time to get dressed, go to work, help the people keep their entertainment and windows to the world working.

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