Boycott Starbucks at Parker and Alma

This morning it is pouring rain, so of course I leave for work early, so early I have time to stop at Starbucks.
I actually stop at one of my favorite Starbucks, located at Parker and Alma, I tell the drive thru speaker my order.
I pull up to the window, first they have my drink order wrong, and the girl acts like it is my fault that they did not listen to what I said. Then she hands me my breakfast wrap sans bag and fork, plus no napkins. I ask her politely for these items, she huffs and puffs and acts like she is going to blow the piggies house down.
Once I hand her my Starbucks gold card, she puts on an incredibly fake smile and says drive safely in the most snarky voice I have heard in a while.
I will be boycotting this Starbucks from this point forward, never have I been treated so poorly. I will also be sending this entry to Starbucks Corporate, they need to know what kind of employee they have. I do this not to get the girl fired, but to have her re-trained in customer service.
In today’s economy can one really afford to be snarky to a loyal customer? I think not, so Starbucks at Parker and Alma, you have lost my business and I am suggesting that others follow suit. Boycott them, and let corporate know why.
Drive in uneventful, even with all of the rain, smooth sailing, so to speak. I love this weather, it is amazing, it is not snow, but I will take it.
When it rains I always get the urge to sing Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, I don’t know why, but I sing that song. What song do you sing in the rain? And if it is rain rain go away, please do not tell me. I do not want it to go away.

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One Reply to “Boycott Starbucks at Parker and Alma”

  1. On top of that, the pathetic attempt at a Venti White Chocolate Mocha I got at the one at Park and Preston (in the Tom Thumb). A good inch or more from the top. When I ask for a Venti, I expect a venti. It’s not like they were rushed, I was the only one there. If that’s as good as they get when it’s quiet, maybe that’s the reason they’re quiet at rush hour morning.


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