More Parenting Rant

Now that I have gotten on the subject of parenting I can’t seem to let it go! well here goes another rant, I have been told over the years that I am lucky that I have good kids. Luck? Luck had nothing to do with my children and how they behaved and continue to behave. It was by hard work, discipline and raising them in church. Yes I fully believe raising them in church had a huge part of how they turned out.
I remember one time, when Elizabeth Anne was about 2, before Alex was born, we were in Wal-Mart and she was just sitting in the cart, calm, no issues and I saw a woman from church. This woman had a child about a month older than Elizabeth that was out of control, running up and down the aisle, pulling things off the shelf, she was saying, “now honey” ugh. She looked up and saw us, and she said how do you do that? I said, do what, she said get her to just sit there. I looked her straight in the eye and said healthy fear. Elizabeth Anne, even at that age knew there would be consequences to running up and down the aisle and behaving badly. This woman allowed her child to rule her home and there were never consequences to any actions.
Sure there have been rebellions over the years, however when you set clear-cut rules, with clear-cut consequences for actions, and follow through, there will be fewer of those outbreaks.
I actually had a child correct me once, not my child mind you, in my own home! I was so shocked that a child would correct an adult. I looked at that 7-year-old and said never do that again. This is my home, you never correct an adult, you might be able to do that in your home with your mother, but never with me. Shocking that this child was so casual in her correcting. I was honestly floored.
Same child was allowed to run wild in public, I put an end to that when she was with me, she was running wild in the mall and I told her that if she continued I was going to march her to security and call her mother to come and get her. The look on her face was priceless, no adult in her life had ever taken her to task before. Same child no longer behaves that way in my presence. It was crazy.
When I hear horror stories of some people’s children I think, it is true, what you sow you so shall reap. If you sow the seeds of discipline issues, of disrespect, of passiveness, of godlessness, then when these children are older you will reap that. If you sow the seeds of respectfullness, an ability to speak their mind without being rude, if you sow the seeds of faithfulness, of showing them the love of God, the holy spirit, Jesus, then when they are older they will return to that if they do turn away for a while.
If you let your children know there are real consequences for their actions, you are preparing them for the world, preparing them for the workplace, for life. If you do not, you are preparing them for a life of discontent. Your choice, will you choose wisely?

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