HotWorx and Dean Cain

Ok, so, Shay has been trying to force me to try HotWorx, it is a place where you do hot workouts. It sounded hideous, especially with the continuous hot flashes I was experiencing.

I told her when I got those under control I would try it, well I have gotten them under control. No hot flashes during the day and maybe one a night, which is amazing.

Yesterday I tried a free workout, Barre None, because it is a barre class without the bar.

You go into an infrared sauna, it is 121 to 125 degrees, the heat is different from anything I have ever experienced. Now you know I HATE the heat. HATE. But this was ok, I sweated profusely, drank a lot of water and could feel the toxins leaving my body.

I hated it so much I signed up for it, I went back today and did hot yoga, I am not flexible, and it was brutal. But the heat made my muscles more relaxed so I could do the modified versions of the exercises.

Tomorrow I do a core class, we will see how that goes.

As you know I hate to exercise, I never get the endorphins everyone talks about. I hate it with a passion, but I do love the side effects and I haven’t been able to work out in a good while due to some health things. So this does feel good, do not tell Shay I said that. I will deny it.

So the weird dreams continue, night before last I had a dream about Dean Cain. No, not that kind of dream, get your mind out of the gutter.

I was in a movie theater was a movie and it was Dean Cain, not the Dean of today, this was Dean 30 years ago. Early 20’s, it was the strangest movie, it was about a young man that lived in an underground mansion. His dad, played by John Shea, who was Lex Luthor on Lois and Clark. He told his son he was allergic to the sun and had to live underground.

Unbeknownst to him, he had two siblings who lived above ground, they knew about him but he didn’t know about them. They set upon a quest to find their older sibling and free him from the underground castle.

They finally found it, it was under a parking garage, they found a switch that opened a window, there was Dean starring out at them.

They told him they were his brother and sister there to rescue him and he should come with them.

He told them he could not leave the underground fortress, that he would die. They told him their dad had lied all of those years and he should come with them.

He persuades them to come in so he can get some things and follow them outside.

Just then, the dad comes in, he stops the rescue and causes an explosion above ground and they are all trapped in the underground explosion.

I don’t know how it ended because I woke up then, maybe someone will make a real movie about this. Not with Dean, because he is too old, oh don’t look at me like that, he is 50 something, he cannot pull off 21. None of us that are in our 50’s can do that, maybe his son will become an actor and star in it.

That’s all I have for now, check out HotWorx, if you want a good nights sleep and sore muscles the next day.

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Healthy Fear and Cats

So I thought Ronald, aka Fat Catstard, wasn’t breathing, turns out he was sleeping. Now he’s super mad at me, but at least now he knows how it feels to be woken in the middle of the night. I fear repercussions tonight, if I don’t show up online tomorrow for work I need my coworkers to do a wellness check. Maybe send animal control, I don’t know, but I do know enough to have some healthy fear.

There we have it, healthy fear, what is a proper amount of healthy fear and what is overboard? Only individuals can answer that, for me healthy fear is knowing what is out there and making preparations to make myself as safe as possible.

There are few things I fear in this world, heights, I do fear that particular thing. Here’s the weird thing, I didn’t fear heights in my youth. The higher the swing went the more I loved it, climbing to the highest point on the monkey bars was my go to at recess. I very literally had no fear, of anything, now I am terrified of heights, I hate elevators, escalators, anything that takes me up. Forget ski lifts, those are the worst, I don’t even know if I could go up in one of those gondolas.

I do have another fear, I fear going completely blind and not being able to read anymore. That is my one besides heights, those are both irrational fears, not healthy ones.

I’m watching Star Trek TOS right now, part of me wishes I had waited to be born so I could travel beyond this planet.

Last night I rewatched the Lois and Clark where they put Dean Cain in the black Superman suit. It was a great episode, for many reasons. But in particular, the black Superman outfit, was the absolute best part of that episode.

No shallowness going on here, at all, if I could insert the eye roll emoji here I would do so. A lot of people like to pretend they are not shallow, but we all are in some way. I fully admit to being attracted to “pretty” men, with Dean Cain being the prettiest of all.

Sometimes I wonder if he has made a deal with God the way I have. He is aging amazingly well.

I have to go now, I am on episode 3 of season 1 of TOS and this one requires a lot of my attention.

People are evolving and being able to control things with their minds. I must pay attention.

Advice for Single Women Everywhere

I am going to give every single woman out there a bit of advice, unbidden, of course, isn’t that the best kind. If you are actively looking for someone to spend your life with and you meet a man that tells you he just wants to have fun. Believe him, he is not looking for a partner in life, he is looking for a play mate. If you do not want to be a play mate, tell him thank you for thinking of you, but you are looking for something meaningful in your life.

The reason I feel the need to give that advice, well, I’ll tell you, I had gotten some exasperated comments, from friends, that I should have let the man in my previous post, ask me out.

I shan’t, due to the fact that he told me, he was only looking to have fun, I forgot to add that in. He said that right before he asked if I had a man in my life. And yes, he used those words, this is nothing against him, God bless him, he was honest. He only wants a play mate, even if he didn’t, I am not the one for him.

God and I have had more than several conversations regarding what He wants for me. He does not want me to be anyone’s play mate, plaything or anything casual. He has something more in mind for me and I am perfectly willing to wait. Please let it be Dean, oh did I say that out loud, please no restraining orders!

I went to the dentist this morning, that is one of my happy places. I seriously love having my teeth cleaned, there is nothing like the feeling of a clean mouth.

I am picking up Tess from school today, I look forward to these days so much. She is growing up way too fast, I am getting to enjoy her journey, for that I am grateful.

I hear too many stories of grandparents who do not get to see their grandchildren grow up. I am happy that Jeffrey and Tess’s mother allow me to spend time with her.

That’s all I have for now, oh wait, I lied, I did watch the last episode of Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman, last night. They really need a season to tell what happened to these characters and tell us where that baby came from and if the baby is Kryptonian, does he have powers? So many unanswered questions, ok, that is really the last thing.

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I have a raging headache, I hit my head on my desk yesterday, I was getting something I dropped and hit my head. I don’t even know if I am coherent at this point.
I would like to say thank you to the men and women who work the polling places, they deal with a lot of people all day long, some pleasant, some not so much. By the time I arrived they had been there since 7:00 am, they were all pleasant and helpful and had smiles on their faces. I appreciate their willingness to be there all day and in some instances learn a new skill. They now use laptops, scanners and card readers, it is a whole new skill set since the majority of these workers are elderly. They were wonderful, pleasant and kind, I love you all.
I spent my evening watching old episodes of Lois and Clark; The New Adventures of Superman, the episodes: ones where Dean Cain is in that black spandex outfit. I thought I had just about died and gone to heaven. My favorite episodes, he looks so awesome in that thing, I wonder if he got to keep it. Food for thought my friends, I bet he would still look good in that thing.
I am really wanting Cheetos right now, yes for breakfast, I want some, I need some, I am so happy I don’t have change so I can’t go to the vending machine. I have fruit and yogurt and I shall stick with that, never fear, I am determined to be 98 pounds. Maybe if I locked myself up for a year and just lived on cardboard I could achieve that goal. But I don’t think that is gonna happen, especially with our November Ladies that Lunch being this Saturday. We are trying a new place and I cannot wait, it looks amazing.
I shall sign off for now, I have a headache and I have to make it go away, coffee wont help this one as it is a bump on the head causing it. So no self medicating with caffeine.

How Lois and Clark Helped Me

Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman comes on Sunday nights now, I love that show. Probably not for reasons that everyone likes to make fun of me for.

You see when this show debuted I was a new single mother, and had just had to give up the home I was raising my children in. We had to move to a much smaller townhouse, out of the neighborhood we loved, away from the house I brought two of my children home to.
I was working at the mother’s day out at church and babysitting to make ends meet, it was not feasible to get a job as I was not qualified for anything. Anything I was qualified for would not have paid the daycare for the two youngest children.
I know they don’t know or remember, or care to know, but it was very bleak at that time, there were weeks where we only had $20.00 to get through the week. Between God and Lois and Clark I got through it. We survived and lived to tell the tale. Watching Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher once a week gave me an outlet, I had always been a fan of Superman. From the time I was about 4 years old and discovered comic books. He was my favorite, I wanted to be Lois Lane, girl reporter. She was everything I wanted to be, intrepid, adventurous, curious, courageous and intelligent. I wanted to be all of those things, I wanted to face life with a curiosity, and a verve for living, I wanted to wear cute clothes and dig for the truth. Most of all I wanted to be rescued by a superhero.
That was never to be, oh I have the cute clothes thing down, but the being rescued by a superhero part, well that never happened. I rescued myself and my children from a life of poverty, I made the best life I could for them, going to college, getting a job with a major telecommunications company.
But I never forgot Lois and Clark, the show gave me escapism once a week from our seemingly bleak life. It gave me hope that something better was out there, I will be forever grateful to Deborah Joy Levine for creating this program. I know it sounds a little silly, but when you have no hope, you don’t want to burden your friends with the reality of your life, sometimes it is something simple that can give you strength to go on.
I think that is why I am so loyal to both Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain, they gave me so much at a time when I had so little, the least I can do is watch their shows on television now. With the exception of the dating show. Dean, I will not be watching it, it is not watchable, I am still disheartened by it.

Make it Happen

Well here we are, another Monday/Thursday for me and it feels kinda fabulous. I am still loving my schedule, I do wish I had a later start time, like 7, but you know what, I am not complaining.

I had a nightmare last night, my BFF died, there were snakes everywhere and then something horrific happened. I can’t even begin to put it into words, let’s just say I hope I never have that dream again. I don’t even know where it came from, out of left field, I didn’t watch anything bad before going to sleep, so I don’t know what to attribute the dream to. Needless to say tonight I will try and direct my dreams elsewhere.

Last night I discovered something amazing, on the HUB, they are showing Lois and Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman, from the beginning, every Sunday night. I think you all know what I will be watching, last night was shirtless Dean Cain episode. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it was as amazing to see now as it was then. Totally held up, I mean you can’t go wrong with a shirtless Dean Cain. Still upset over the dating show.

Friday was Starbucks, yum, today is coffee at home and traveling with me when I leave, I do love my coffee. Is there anything better to start one’s day than an amazing cup of java? I think not, well maybe if I had a maid to bring me said coffee, that would be pretty amazing.

Today’s entry is a short one, I shall sign off on this note, remember to treat each other with respect. When all is said and done, mutual respect is all we have, we are only as good as our word, so go out and make it happen.

Open Letter to Dean Cain

It is storming here in North Texas, it fits my mood, I am very dark today, angry, livid really, something has come to light that I feel the need to get off my chest. So here goes, an open letter to Dean Cain.


Dear Dean,

I have been your biggest fan since 1993, the first time I saw you on Lois and Clark, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I told all of my friends, you have to see this show; this man is the prettiest man I have ever seen in my entire life. It didn’t hurt that you were playing my childhood hero, and filling out the blue suit very nicely. I sung your praises to anyone that would listen, then the show went off the air, I even watched Ripley’s Believe or Not, just for you!

I followed your career, watching every show you were on, telling everyone, Dean Cain is on tonight, whether it be Law and Order SVU or Hope and Faith, I watched them all. I was incredibly grateful you never did Dancing with the Stars, as I loath that show. But for you, I would have recorded it and watched your parts. And yes, I would have voted for you. Thank you for not making me do that.

But now, Dean, now, I find out you are doing a dating show! On Fox! Seriously? How did this even happen? I mean, how did I not know? How did I, your biggest fan, not get to try out for this show? Is it my age? Is it the fact I am currently engaged? Well, don’t let that stop you from having me vie for your affection. My fiancé, the Irishman, has said that he would step aside for me to have a date with you. I think he was placating me, but that is beside the point. If it is my age, please do not let that stop you as you are also at this point, out of my age range. Dude you are getting older, still the prettiest man on the planet earth. But let’s be honest here, how much longer can that last? Well, ok, you live in Hollywood, a long time.

I will watch your new show, as I am a loyalist, however I will be yelling at the TV, crying that it is not me, and sadly disappointed that you have decided to go the route of reality TV. I have always pointed out to everyone that you never did reality TV. I am so beyond sad and disappointed. I can only hope at this point you do not choose a skank and actually choose someone who is semi normal and kind of respectable. Let’s face it; the show is on Fox, not exactly synonymous with class.




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