Advice for Single Women Everywhere

I am going to give every single woman out there a bit of advice, unbidden, of course, isn’t that the best kind. If you are actively looking for someone to spend your life with and you meet a man that tells you he just wants to have fun. Believe him, he is not looking for a partner in life, he is looking for a play mate. If you do not want to be a play mate, tell him thank you for thinking of you, but you are looking for something meaningful in your life.

The reason I feel the need to give that advice, well, I’ll tell you, I had gotten some exasperated comments, from friends, that I should have let the man in my previous post, ask me out.

I shan’t, due to the fact that he told me, he was only looking to have fun, I forgot to add that in. He said that right before he asked if I had a man in my life. And yes, he used those words, this is nothing against him, God bless him, he was honest. He only wants a play mate, even if he didn’t, I am not the one for him.

God and I have had more than several conversations regarding what He wants for me. He does not want me to be anyone’s play mate, plaything or anything casual. He has something more in mind for me and I am perfectly willing to wait. Please let it be Dean, oh did I say that out loud, please no restraining orders!

I went to the dentist this morning, that is one of my happy places. I seriously love having my teeth cleaned, there is nothing like the feeling of a clean mouth.

I am picking up Tess from school today, I look forward to these days so much. She is growing up way too fast, I am getting to enjoy her journey, for that I am grateful.

I hear too many stories of grandparents who do not get to see their grandchildren grow up. I am happy that Jeffrey and Tess’s mother allow me to spend time with her.

That’s all I have for now, oh wait, I lied, I did watch the last episode of Lois and Clark, the New Adventures of Superman, last night. They really need a season to tell what happened to these characters and tell us where that baby came from and if the baby is Kryptonian, does he have powers? So many unanswered questions, ok, that is really the last thing.

TTFN, as usual, any comments, questions or criticisms can be left her or sent to me at

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