Open Letter to Dean Cain

It is storming here in North Texas, it fits my mood, I am very dark today, angry, livid really, something has come to light that I feel the need to get off my chest. So here goes, an open letter to Dean Cain.


Dear Dean,

I have been your biggest fan since 1993, the first time I saw you on Lois and Clark, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I told all of my friends, you have to see this show; this man is the prettiest man I have ever seen in my entire life. It didn’t hurt that you were playing my childhood hero, and filling out the blue suit very nicely. I sung your praises to anyone that would listen, then the show went off the air, I even watched Ripley’s Believe or Not, just for you!

I followed your career, watching every show you were on, telling everyone, Dean Cain is on tonight, whether it be Law and Order SVU or Hope and Faith, I watched them all. I was incredibly grateful you never did Dancing with the Stars, as I loath that show. But for you, I would have recorded it and watched your parts. And yes, I would have voted for you. Thank you for not making me do that.

But now, Dean, now, I find out you are doing a dating show! On Fox! Seriously? How did this even happen? I mean, how did I not know? How did I, your biggest fan, not get to try out for this show? Is it my age? Is it the fact I am currently engaged? Well, don’t let that stop you from having me vie for your affection. My fiancé, the Irishman, has said that he would step aside for me to have a date with you. I think he was placating me, but that is beside the point. If it is my age, please do not let that stop you as you are also at this point, out of my age range. Dude you are getting older, still the prettiest man on the planet earth. But let’s be honest here, how much longer can that last? Well, ok, you live in Hollywood, a long time.

I will watch your new show, as I am a loyalist, however I will be yelling at the TV, crying that it is not me, and sadly disappointed that you have decided to go the route of reality TV. I have always pointed out to everyone that you never did reality TV. I am so beyond sad and disappointed. I can only hope at this point you do not choose a skank and actually choose someone who is semi normal and kind of respectable. Let’s face it; the show is on Fox, not exactly synonymous with class.




2 Replies to “Open Letter to Dean Cain”

  1. She’s right, Dean. I have been hearing about you constantly for years. YEARS! Most of our friendly in-jokes revolve around you.

    Please… let her get a date with you, if only so I can have some peace.

    Then again, if she does actually get a date with you, I will never hear the end of it. Never.

    But… since she will totally mess it up a-la her “incident” with Scott Baio, I will have endless fodder against her for life. Bring it on, then!


  2. I cannot help but laugh as I read this. I am only a HUGE Dean fan, have been since the pilot of Lois & Clark as well. I also watch everything he is in and sing his praises to anyone who will listen. I’m 30, been married for almost 11 years and have 2 wonderful boys. I love my husband very much but I HATE seeing Dean with other women. LOL Except for Teri Hatcher. That I could not only handle but would love. But no one else, Dean!! I would have died for the chance to try to win his affection on The Choice or Celebridate. My husband is very aware of my “love” for him and I made him agree before we got married that Dean would be my one freebee. Haha


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