I still hate working out. No matter how much I do it, I hate it. Ok enough about that. I did not work out today, I had to go and get pet food. Everyone ran out of food this morning after their morning meal. Why not go after work you ask, well by the time I get off work at 7pm I am exhausted and just want to go home and watch TV. So pet food store it was. Now everyone has food and I will not fear they will turn on me. Two cats and two dogs…. They could gang up on me, they are not small animals. Also my son had to work today so I felt I needed to come home and visit with the gang in the middle of the day. Let the pups out, pet the cats. Keep everyone happy. It is so freakin hot here! The dogs don’t stay out too long these days, just long enough to do their “business” then come back in to the air conditioned oasis.

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