Wonder Woman

This morning I was discussing Wonder Woman with a friend of mine, it was probably a Starbucks induced conversation as today is pseudo Friday and Starbucks day. However, I think that I came up with some really amazing insights as to why Wonder Woman has endured for so many years.

First she is a strong role model, she is independent, strong, thought provoking (different thoughts for different sexes), outspoken and let’s not forget fashion forward.

Yes, fashion forward. I believe my very first fashion influence was Wonder Woman. To this day I love boots, cannot get enough boots. I even own WW boots, now I had to go to a “dancer” website to find them, but I love them, I have yet to figure out how to wear them in the real world. I did wear them for Halloween; I dressed up as WW for Halloween one year. I may post that picture later. The strapless outfit influenced evening wear and even sundresses. We did not have strapless evening wear until WW made her appearance.

Her hair, the dark flowing tresses; we did not have a dark haired role model until WW. We had the blondes of the world. That was considered the “norm” for beauty.

Even her alter ego Diana was a strong woman, she never backed down to Steve Trevor, and she too had a fashion sense that could not be denied. I love the longer pencil skirts with ankle strap shoes.

This imaginary woman was a huge influence in my developmental years. She taught me to stand up for myself and others without being obnoxious and hurtful. She taught me that fashion was an extension of who you are.

To finish the thought she just freakin Rocks!


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