Healthy Fear and Cats

So I thought Ronald, aka Fat Catstard, wasn’t breathing, turns out he was sleeping. Now he’s super mad at me, but at least now he knows how it feels to be woken in the middle of the night. I fear repercussions tonight, if I don’t show up online tomorrow for work I need my coworkers to do a wellness check. Maybe send animal control, I don’t know, but I do know enough to have some healthy fear.

There we have it, healthy fear, what is a proper amount of healthy fear and what is overboard? Only individuals can answer that, for me healthy fear is knowing what is out there and making preparations to make myself as safe as possible.

There are few things I fear in this world, heights, I do fear that particular thing. Here’s the weird thing, I didn’t fear heights in my youth. The higher the swing went the more I loved it, climbing to the highest point on the monkey bars was my go to at recess. I very literally had no fear, of anything, now I am terrified of heights, I hate elevators, escalators, anything that takes me up. Forget ski lifts, those are the worst, I don’t even know if I could go up in one of those gondolas.

I do have another fear, I fear going completely blind and not being able to read anymore. That is my one besides heights, those are both irrational fears, not healthy ones.

I’m watching Star Trek TOS right now, part of me wishes I had waited to be born so I could travel beyond this planet.

Last night I rewatched the Lois and Clark where they put Dean Cain in the black Superman suit. It was a great episode, for many reasons. But in particular, the black Superman outfit, was the absolute best part of that episode.

No shallowness going on here, at all, if I could insert the eye roll emoji here I would do so. A lot of people like to pretend they are not shallow, but we all are in some way. I fully admit to being attracted to “pretty” men, with Dean Cain being the prettiest of all.

Sometimes I wonder if he has made a deal with God the way I have. He is aging amazingly well.

I have to go now, I am on episode 3 of season 1 of TOS and this one requires a lot of my attention.

People are evolving and being able to control things with their minds. I must pay attention.

The Bay City Rollers

Yesterday, speaking to my BFF (not to be confused with BBFF) I learned some interesting things.

First, she is not good at math, at all, as a matter of fact I am still laughing about it. She was convinced she was a year younger than she is, I said no, you are this age. She argued for a good 5 minutes until I told her to do the math. She got a calculator and after a lot of cursing, accepted the truth. I am still laughing. She said go ahead and write about this, I know you’re going to, I said yes, yes I will and you won’t read it!

We both had a good laugh.

The second thing I learned is that I really need to quit romanticizing Owasso. In talking things out with BFF, who is from the same small town I am, I really came to the realization that the reason I fell so hard for the Owasso guy is due to the fact that I love Owasso so much and he really brought it all to the forefront. I really need to stop with the romantic reminiscing of Owasso.

I am incredibly sad, Alan Longmuir has passed away. Who is he you ask, I am so glad you did. He is the founding member of The Bay City Rollers. I sit here listening to their music I am so grateful to him for having started a band that provided the soundtrack to my life in the 70’s and early 80’s. Whether it was doing my homework, trying on a myriad of outfits for picture day, getting the right hairstyle for the Skate Ranch or getting the blue eyeshadow just right. They were there, providing background music.

It is Bay City Roller songs that also keep my heart hopeful for someone in my life. I sit here listening to You Made Me Believe in Magic, and it renews all of my faith in love. As silly as that might seem, it is fact, inside this nerdy, hard exterior is just a big Roller girl.

My love of boy bands is well documented, from the Jackson 5 to The Backstreet Boys. I just love them.

If you get a chance, listen to Rock and Roll Love Letter by the BCR, it is my favorite. I might jut post a link at the end of this post.

Other than that, not a lot to report, I have been off work since Tuesday, I go back on Sunday and I am loving not really doing anything. I am going to get my nails done today and some light shopping, light means necessities, not fun. I might dance around my bedroom to the Bay City Rollers, just in honor of Alan. Oh, fun little side note, it was his brother that I had the big crush on. He was the drummer, and in the time before the internet, I actually ferreted out his phone number in Scotland, yes, Scotland. I called, he wasn’t there but I had a lovely conversation with his housekeeper. Then my parents got the phone bill, then I was grounded, so totally worth it!

As promised:

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Let the Fun Begin

So, yesterday, I did something I have not done in years, as a matter of fact I cannot remember the last time I had to do this particular thing. I went to a laundromat, I had to even google where to find one.

My washing machine broke about a month ago, I have been trying to have it fixed since then. The part is finally in and the repairman will be here next week to fix it.

In the meantime I ran out of clothes and towels, here is the thing, I have a lot of clothes and towels. I have so many clothes I didn’t have to do laundry all of this time. However, yesterday was a desperation day, I had to do laundry or go buy new clothes.

I decided to go to a laundromat instead of bothering one of my children because I could wash everything at once and bring it home to dry. I probably should have dried the towels there, so many towels. I was down to my beach towels, so that will tell you something.

Anyway, I found a place in McKinney so I loaded up the car and headed out. The establishment actually had an attendant who was very sweet to me and helped me find the right machines and figure out how many quarters I needed to complete the task. It was a lot of quarters, just FYI, and I washed my things. I didn’t take everything that needed to be washed, I took a lot, but I didn’t take the sheets and the whites. I like to bleach my whites and I have a particular way of doing it, where it takes three cycles to get it done.

Once again my closet and dresser drawers are full and I am relieved. I can wait till Wednesday to do the sheets and whites.

It is officially my birthday month, this year is going to be a great birthday month! Last year was very literally the worst birthday I have ever had, this year is going to be the best. I already have plans with great people the evening before and the day of is with some of the best women I know. I am so excited to usher in this new year of being on this earth. I know it is going to be one of my best years, in terms of me being just me. I really do love who I am, I know, huge surprise for everyone.

But if you can’t love yourself for who you are, then how can anyone else love who you are? I am a really incredible person, I’ve lived through some things during my time on this planet and I have wisdom to impart. Maybe not wisdom, humor, I have humor to impart. Knowledge, I have that as well, maybe some wisdom thrown in for good measure. Yeah, let’s go with that.

Anyway, today is going to be great, family dinner to celebrate Elizabeth Anne’s birthday. Picking up Tessa, I missed her the last time due to the flu, it has been way too long since I have seen her. We have planning to do for our week of fun in July. Never too early to plan.

I feel the need to mention I spent last Saturday evening with Dean Cain. Never mind that he was on my television screen and I was three dimensional in my living room. It counts as a date, right?

I have to go now, I have things to do, peace out peeps. As usual, any comments, criticisms or praise can be left here or sent to

First Product Review of 2018

Here it is folks, the thing you have been waiting for, my first product reviews for 2018. BBFF nothing for you here, all girly things today.

I have two things to review and I am beyond excited about both of them.

First up we have Mary Kay’s time wise repair lifting bio-cellulose lifting masque. I have to be honest, I love a good mask, especially one that promises me a more youthful look. The exact promise is this: “See a visible lift in just two weeks* with this luxuriously innovative, Korean beauty-inspired mask. Great to use before special occasions!”

Now, I have used this twice now, I didn’t want to do a one time thing and then tell you how it felt.

I can tell you this, I did see visible results, my skin felt tighter without being dry, my skin tone was improved and the lines around my mouth decreased. They have already decreased due to diligent use of the face blaster, but this definitely added to it. I loved the way it felt as well, it went on cool, I could feel the moisture as it seeped into my skin. It was overall refreshing.

One drawback is that you do leave it on 30 minutes, it says 20 to 30, I suggest the full thirty. I tried 20 minutes the first time and 30 the second and saw more results after the thirty minute use.

I also highly recommend using the left over solution that is in the packet after you take the mask off. It feels so good to take that and massage it into your face. Try it, you will not be sorry, I am not saying this because I am a beauty consultant, I would give you an honest review if I liked it or not. For example, I am not crazy about the botanical line, it really doesn’t clean well enough for me. I love the timewise line, it cleans, moisturizes and helps combat fine lines and wrinkles.

It is a little pricey at $70 for 4 of them, however, it is worth it, in my opinion.

You can find it on my website, shameless plug here:

Next up is Goddess Curls, now botanical for my hair is something I can get behind. I am all for fewer chemicals in my hair, especially for my curls. As you know I am always on the lookout for new hair products. I decided to give this a go because I really haven’t found anything I am in love with for defining my curls.

This actually is proving effective, plus it is lightweight, it doesn’t make my hair crunchy or heavy. I have no frizz and no flyaways. I am really loving this product. Once again a swing and a hit out of the ballpark.

I found the product at Target and it is reasonably priced, don’t be intimidated at the product placement if you are of my skin pigmentation. It is in the African American hair care products, if you have curly hair, this is the best section to shop in. Better selection and better products. Curly haired girls unite, it doesn’t matter the skin under the hair, what matters is the hair itself.

The hair gel is reasonably priced at Target:

I hope you all have a great day and let me know if you decide to try the products I review.

You can let me know at or here.

Go Owasso Rams, Take State!

I know I promised a review of Bitchie Belles, however I was sidetracked by Janet Evanovich’s latest offering. I haven’t laughed so hard reading a book since her last one.

Recently, several people, accused me of romanticizing Owasso, I plead guilty. Oh and this accusation will not change my romanticizing in the least. Just a public service announcement. Why is this important you ask yourself? well, let me tell you, my beloved Owasso Rams are in the State playoffs tonight, against Union.

I know, I don’t watch sports, but I do cheer for my teams, Owasso Rams, OU Sooners, OKC Thunder, I believe you get the point. I am a true hometown girl, no, homestate girl. I love my home state and will cheer for them all, I really hope the Rams win. Since yesterday was my Friday and it is Red day at work, I wore one of my Rams shirts. Today I will wear the other one. Showing support in this way is the very least I can do.

Let’s get back to the romanticizing of a town I haven’t lived in since 1987. Why do I do it, you might wonder, or not, I’m still going to tell you.

I do it because it was the place I finally had real parents, a mom and a dad who taught me so much. Who gave that unconditional parental love, which I had never had, yes, I had my grandparents, my great-aunt Effie and my many cousins and a host of aunts and uncles, but that does not replace that parental love.

I found a best friend that is literally my best friend for life, she and I are more like sisters than any bond I can imagine. Through thick and thin, miles apart and yes sometimes years without contact. The internet is an awesome thing and allows us to keep in contact way more. Through it all, that friendship remains intact, Owasso gave me that, something I cannot discount.

Owasso is the place I truly learned about God’s grace and forgiveness, I learned to be myself, my whole nerdy, geeky self.

I wouldn’t be the person I am without Owasso in my life, I shall romanticize that until the day I leave this earth. Then I will tell God all about it, He might be bored, because He already knows. The whole omniscient thing, He has that.

I can credit Owasso for me being the way I am, so if any of you have a problem with me, call the city of Owasso and tell them.

In other news, Christmas decorating is in full effect in this home, I am so excited, I have me and my fake boyfriend on the tree. If you follow me on Instagram or FB you can see us, together, hanging out, on the Christmas tree. We make such a cute couple, me as a snowperson, him in his Superman costume. So cute.

As usual, if you have any comments, feel free to leave it here or send it to me at

Reunion Time

No child left behind has a whole different meaning in the Testerman family, we see a child within the family that is in need and people step up to meet it. I, myself, was one of those children, my birth mother should never have had children, she was not the mothering kind. This is not a bid for pity, it is a fact, she knew it, she gave all of us away, I have often said I fared the best.
I digress, allow me to explain my thought pattern, this weekend was my family reunion and as usual there were a ton of kids running around. A truly great sight to see the younger generation there running around getting to know each other; making memories with their cousins that will last a lifetime.
One of my cousins was telling me how he was trying to get permanent custody of four of the little boys, for whatever reasons their mothers are not able to care for them. Some have even been put in foster care at this point; he is hiring an attorney to get the boys.
Several are his grandsons; several are his brother’s grandsons, his brother that has passed away. I am not surprised by his endeavors, you see someone who was not in my direct line stepped up and took me. My cousin’s generosity in this area is inherent, I have seen it over and over, Testermans stepping up and taking on a responsibility that really isn’t theirs but we consider it ours due to the children being our blood. Whether they are direct line or not, we do this because, well it’s what we do.
When someone gets married, and the other person already has children, we take those as well. They are now family, they are ours, in all the important meanings of the word family.
Elizabeth Anne’s fiancé will find this out when I start stealing his little girl to come over and play with Tessa and the Irishman’s girls. She’s a little young yet, but soon she will start saying she wants to go to Gigi’s house. I already consider her my new granddaughter.
The Irishman went with me again to my family reunion; we took his son and his youngest daughter. The oldest one had plans that she didn’t want to give up, understandable at her age, she is 12 almost thirteen, and well at this point there was nothing but strangers at this event.
So off we go with two kids, a dog and an Irishman, yes we took Stormie with us, after a quick stop at Starbucks we were off on our road trip.
We get there and my family is as loud and crazy as usual, I’m so happy some things never change. My cousins all embraced the Irishman’s children, welcoming them and even asking if they would be back next year.
When we were leaving my cousin Cindy hugged each one and told them welcome to the family.
I asked the Irishman’s son how he had liked being there, and here is a direct quote from him: “Angie your family is crazy, not the scary kind of crazy, the kind of crazy you want to be around again.”
I believe the world would be a better place if all families had the philosophy of no child left behind.

Dean Cain Defection?

I have a dilemma, as you all know I own The Avengers movie, if you don’t know that you don’t know me. So anyway, I love Thor, not the actor that plays him in this movie, I love Thor himself. I always have since discovering the Norse mythologies.
Now, I have a working theory, that if I watch The Avengers enough, I will eventually assimilate into the movie itself and become Thor’s new love interest. Don’t want to hear about Natalie Portman, Jess….
Now here is my dilemma, is this cheating on Dean Cain? My love of Thor predates my love for Dean Cain, although my love for Dean has been a little consuming. If I am assimilated into the movie will I lose my knowledge of Dean? Will I no longer be able to watch him on old episodes of Lois and Clark? Will he know I have defected and my affections are elsewhere?
Here is my other challenge; I have to be wearing the right outfit when I am eventually assimilated. I have the right boots; it is just a matter of finding the right outfit to go with said boots as I will be wearing it from that point forward. I don’t see many costume changes in the movie. But here is another thing, should I wait for the next Thor movie to try and insinuate myself into it? There is not a lot of time for romance in this movie, tons of action, yes, romantic pursuits, no. So there you have it, I have many decisions to make regarding Thor and Dean Cain.
You know the funny thing is I have watched Dean Cain in Lois and Clark countless times and I have never been made part of the show. However I have a theory on that as well, since every episode is different there is little time to really incorporate myself into the story line. Since the movie is the same every time I fully believe eventually I will become part of it. I have seen The Avengers a total of 5 times now; I foresee a 6th time on the horizon.
What I am curious about is how many times does it take? Does anyone out there know? Please feel free to share any raw data you might have.
As for my relationship with Dean Cain, well, I still love him, with my whole heart and no matter what universe I end up in, he will always be my main obsession. Still waiting for him to come to town, he is after all in my pre-nup.

Friday, Starbucks and Dean Cain

It has been a strange couple of days, I have had nightmares two nights in a row, the first night was about one of my children. So I do the only thing a mom can do, I text all of them and make them all tell me they are ok. I irritated one as he was asleep, but you know what, I don’t care, I needed to know. So there. They were all fine by the way, but the bad feeling would not go away until I heard from them.

Last night the dream was about me, I was in a house and I had all of the doors locked, however when I went into the garage and got in the car and left someone ran in behind me. I saw him, so I backed out, closed the garage door, went into the back yard and looked in the window. I saw him, the burglar, making himself at home; he was sitting and watching my television! So I yell really loud 911, because that was what I was taught to do in high school. The burglar turns and sees me and gets up and has a machete, and starts to run toward me, I run out of the back gate and jump in the car and before I can drive off I wake up. I was terrified, horrible to wake up without getting away, now I will never know.

So many things happened yesterday, what to address first, well, I’ll go in order, the big meeting. It was a lot of fun, I was not wrong to look forward to it. I do believe they are learning that you praise to success, not berate to mediocrity. The new 2nd level manager and the first level managers gave out kudos and prizes for perfect attendance for the first quarter. The people with the top numbers were recognized as well as new team leads. The only thing that happened that I was sadly disappointed with was a trainer, there was a jeopardy like contest and the contestants were drawn randomly. He was one of them, instead of answering the questions; he was feeding the answers to another contestant. I felt this was inappropriate and unprofessional, this was supposed to be a fun thing, not a cheating thing. He should have answered and let everyone know why he was in a training position. To cheat, sad and wrong.

The rest loved it, we all clapped for our co-workers that won prizes, happy for their recognition, it almost felt like a Mary Kay meeting, I loved it.

The second thing is a not so happy thing, it was the premier of the Dean Cain show, however, I could only stomach about 10 minutes of it, as Dean was not in that segment. I have recorded it and will fast forward to his part, although I don’t even know if I will do that. I can see why I was not considered for this show. The girls are the typical ones you see on the bachelorette or MTV dating shows, more bimbo than nice girl. Of course that seems to be all men want these days, bimbos. Good luck when you procreate with them. Anyway, I don’t think I will be watching this Dean Cain offering as I am sickened by the premise.

On an up note, it is Friday and I am having Starbucks, Venti Passion Tea Lemonade unsweetened of course. So I want everyone to have a fantastic Friday, I hope you enjoy your day and your weekend. Oh I will be volunteering at the Susan G Komen run in Plano tomorrow, I am a race marshal, I can’t wait! Come out and cheer on all of the runners!

Whedon Friday

I want to talk about The Avengers, I know you are all sick of me talking about this movie, but seriously, I need you all to go see it so I can give all kinds of spoilers. I am going to give you all until the end of May, then, all bets are off. I will be spilling all, by then the world should have seen it. So, forewarned you all are. The Avengers holds 17 all time box office records so far. Joss Whedon is brilliance personified.

Today is Friday, I hope Rachel likes her present that I picked out from the Irishman and myself. I like it and would love to own one, so my thought is, if I love it, so will the recipient. I have a great dress to wear, fantastic shoes and I am ready for a party to celebrate something good.

So happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a great weekend, to all of the Mom’s out there happy Mother’s Day.

My Geek Marathon Experience

I know yesterday I posted my review of the Avengers movie, today I am going to tell you all of my experience at the movies.

It was a 14 hour marathon of all of the Avenger movies, first up Ironman I moving onto Edward Norton’s Hulk, then Ironman II, Thor, Captain America, culminating with The Avengers. The Irishman was supposed to go with me, but as you all know he has been ill, so I went alone. I could find no one to share the experience with me as it was short notice and it is hard to give up 14 hours of your day to sit in a movie theater.

I was a little nervous about going, I thought the theater would be filled with fanboys, was I ever wrong. It was such a good cross section of people, young, medium and old, there was a grand daughter who had brought her grandmother to the marathon. The girl was about Elizabeth Anne’s age, the grandmother had to be late 60’s early 70’s. She had been reading Captain America since she was a young girl, the granddaughter wanted to share the experience with her grandmother. It was incredibly sweet to see her taking care of her and making sure she enjoyed the experience. There were mothers and daughters and fathers and sons, there were women my age and of course men of all ages.

The crowd was eager, exuberant at times and always respectful, there was never any fear that someone was going to take an empty seat once you got up to use the facilities or get a refill on snacks. There also seemed to be a good combination of Marvel fans and Whedon fans, I saw Darkhorse t-shirts and Marvel t-shirts. When Joss Whedon’s name flashed on the screen the crowd went crazy, it was amazing, I still get goosebumps thinking about it. We did have about 30 minutes between movies to stretch, use the facilities and refill snacks, that was good, sitting for that long would have been incredibly difficult! One really didn’t want to miss any of the movies, even though everyone that was there had seen them about a gazillion times. I know I have, I will be going back to see the Avengers with the Irishman, he wants to see it (of course) and I want to see it with him. Just to let you all know I will go with anyone who wants me to go with them. Just let me know.

I loved the experience, I wish I could have shared it with the Irishman, he was the only thing missing. I know we would have had a blast there together, just a side note, he is doing better and was able to go to work yesterday.

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