Cookie Debacle

I am not going to write about yesterday, I can’t right now, I am afraid it will become maudlin and Sandi would have beaten me with a stick for that.
So, today I am writing about cookies, yes, cookies. I make these cookies that are Elizabeth Anne’s favorite, they are pure sugar and addictive. Here is the problem; they never turn out the same. EVER. I have been making these cookies since we lived in Atlanta, I first had them there. Same issue every time. I cannot get them to come out the same, sometimes they are perfection, sometimes they look like the “presents” Chewie leaves. It is not pretty. Most of the time they taste amazing, every once in a while they taste like, well, the “presents” Chewie leaves.
I seriously don’t know what to do about this, I follow the recipe exactly, but they never turn out the same. I think it must be me, after all these years, I am the common denominator in the whole recipe factor. I don’t know what to do about it, perhaps it is time to realize that I cannot do anything about it and just make three batches in a row to get the perfect one. Or maybe Elizabeth should take over and see if she can do better than her mom…. Hmmmm…. Interesting thought.
In case you are wondering, the cookies are the no bake oatmeal cookies. You cook them on the stove top then drop them onto wax paper, when they are cooled; the goal is to have a yummy, sugar-filled treat.

2 Replies to “Cookie Debacle”

  1. I have been out of town. Just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your friend. Sounds like heaven is an even better place now that she is there (if that is possible). Love you Miss Angie!


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