Sunday I was expressing some frustration to Alex about something, he looked at me and said “Mom, not every parent is like you.” I asked what he meant by that, he said not every parent is willing to sacrifice what they want in order for their children to have what they need. He went on to tell me he had watched me through the years and realized that I went without nice things so he and his siblings could have the things that they needed.
It is moments like those that make you think, possibly, just possibly, you did something right as a parent. I see it a lot with Jeffrey and Elizabeth, but to see it with Alex, well that was what I believe the therapist call a break through moment.
I miss when my children were all with me, but I am proud of the adults they have become and or working on becoming, in some instances. I look at Jeffrey and all that he has accomplished in his short life and am extremely proud of him. He has a great family, he succeeds at his job and he is a good person with a huge heart.
I am so proud of Elizabeth, she is so amazing, not only is she beautiful, she is smart and funny and works harder than anyone I have ever known. Sandi always told me if she had ever had a daughter she would have wanted her to be just like Elizabeth.
I am proud of Alex on working on conquering things that are holding him back. He is smart and funny and has a ton of potential that I am positive he will grow into.
As a single mom you wonder if you did enough, if you had enough time to spend with each one, if you gave them the skills to succeed. There are a lot of if’s for dual parent households, in a single parent household with multiple children those if’s are multiplied to the power of ten.
Only time will tell for those of you in the middle of raising children, just know the sacrifices you make now are short term. Eventually you can go back to buying designer shoes and clothes, or whatever it is that you love.

One Reply to “Parenting”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic my friend. As a parent, your kids always come first. It is our job and responsibility as a good parent to provide to our kids first before providing to ourselves or anyone else. It is our duty as a parent to give to our kids the best we can, and not talking about just tangible things, but in examples too.. We are role models to our kids. Unfortunately not all parents understand that concept and who suffers? The kids! The worst part of that is that kids didn’t ask to be here nor were they able to chose their parents. I do feel sorry for kids that have that type of parents and I hope God blesses them in other ways.


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