Another Day

This morning I was running a little late so I took advantage of living by the North Dallas Toll road. As I drove the length of the road I saw the signs, no stopping to pay the toll, you simply drive and they will bill you. Now mind you, I have had a toll tag for years, but somehow this made me sad. I wondered what happened to the toll booth workers, their jobs gone right before Christmas. Did the company find them other jobs or just hand them a pink slip? I am all for technology, but what price are we willing to pay for convenience?
That is the real question, as humans, what price are we willing to pay? Will my job become obsolete due to technology? What will I do after my job is gone? Something I think about more and more.
It is so hot here today, it is going to be 74 degrees, it is December, I don’t understand this weather, it should be snowing, or at the very least raining.
Next week is Christmas; I didn’t realize it was coming up so fast! I will be getting my tree this weekend, doing the Christmas food shopping with my daughter in law, a happening that is fast becoming tradition. Well I hope everyone has a great day, I really don’t have a lot today, two more days till Starbucks day!

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