My nails are in terrible shape, I am thinking of getting the acrylics put back on, but they are a lot of upkeep. I am kinda lazy about that, so, difficult decision on whether or not to get them.
So yesterday the Irishman tells me I am never allowed to die, so I told him that the cost of all the plastic surgery to look good is on him, he better be prepared, I have a feeling it might take a lot to make a thousand year old woman look half way decent.
I am going to call the doctor today, my lower back still hurts like crazy and since I am now not allowed to die I had better go see what is going on. I looked up the symptoms on WebMD, major mistake; people should never look up anything there. You naturally go to the worst case scenario.
The good news on the doctor front is all of my blood work came back normal, amazingly normal. The being hot all of the time is gone; maybe it was nerves, due to the stress of the move and everything that is going on. Now that the move is done, my body has gone back to normal. Strange, but glad to have the heat thing gone.
I am so excited to have time off next week, I can’t wait to make cookies and wrap presents and just get Christmas started! I am also excited to go grocery shopping with my daughter in law to get all of the good things for our Christmas Eve celebration. I am sad the Irishman won’t be with us, he has to work that day.

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