Bad First Date

Sorry it has been a few days since I have visited with you all. Tuesday night I actually got to witness the worst first date in the history of mankind. It all started with me accompanying the Irishman to the Guinness pouring contest at Trinity Hall, all proceeds benefited St Baldrick’s Foundation. The Irishman was a judge this year, last year a contestant. So, anyway, I’m sitting there with one of his 1759 friends and this couple sits at the table next to us. The most striking thing was this girl was really pretty, dressed cute, really cute first date outfit, flirty and edgy without contriving to be. The guy, I don’t even know what to say, blue polka dot shirt with a dark blue tee under it, with blue polyester slacks. As he begins to talk, 1759 friend and I begin to pay attention, as it is incredible, the man was doing nothing but talking about himself. He didn’t ask one question of this girl sitting across from him. Whom, by the way, clearly out of his league, he was totally dating up.
He told story after story about his teenage escapades, I almost fell asleep and I grew up in the country, he told her how he got a girl pregnant then told the girl, well I’m not going to marry you, then proceeded to brag on his parenting skills. Every story was designed to make him look amazingly good; however he just came off as a jerk. I happened to be in the restroom at the same time as the girl, she got a phone call, she told the person on the other end, oh I’m out with a friend. Friend. As the night progresses, it becomes clear that the two met on an online dating service. Not a bad thing in this day and age, just a fact. However it was also painfully clear he was not what she was expecting to show up. When the man left the table, 1759 and I actually got to talk to the girl, she was intelligent, capable of conversation; I really don’t understand why the man felt the need to dominate the conversation.
I was really hoping I could give her my number so she could text me to let me know how the date ended. 1759 speculated a light hug in the parking garage and a yawn, its late bit; I wondered how she would get out of seeing him again. Text, polite email, or just ignoring all contact from him, I really wish I knew!
Just a suggestion to all single men out there, and women, don’t dominate the conversation, conversation is just that, give and take. Also dress appropriately, if you are not sure about your wardrobe choices consult a fashion expert. Or research online. Lots of websites out there these days to help you with your fashion choices, for all occasions.
For all of you wondering, yes, you can donate to St Baldrick’s, here is the link to the Irishman’s page:, he is once again shaving his head in solidarity with children who have cancer. He is raising funds for St Baldrick’s in the process, please help with this worthwhile cause!

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