Happy Valentines Day!

It is so hard to come to work after having a few days off that alarm going off at 3am is just brutal! However, I will enjoy leaving at 1:30 in the afternoon. I know everyone is wondering what I did on my birthday, well the Irishman planned a day for me. First we went to the movies, I love going to the movies, we saw Black Swan, then the huge surprise, he took me shoe shopping! I got 3 new pairs of shoes!! Very exciting. Then it was dinner at Abuelos, I love Mexican food, the Irishman not so much. So much fun, then I saw Elizabeth Anne on Saturday; she got me a shoe rack! We organized my shoes; I have pared it down to 30 pairs, not including boots, tennis shoes and flip flops.
Today I am wearing my new Gianni Bini’s, red closed toe pumps in honor of Valentines Day. I wore them yesterday as well, when I went to lunch with the ladies. We went to this very cute tea room in Plano. Then huge surprise, at the end of the meal the proprietor told us that Wanda’s husband had called and picked up the tab for all of us for Valentines Day! Love Bob, he is such an amazing man. Not just because he paid for our lunch. He is kind and thoughtful and just all around terrific.
Then it was another movie with the Irishman yesterday, Just Go With It, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston. I loved that movie, it was funny and sweet, sometimes a little over the top, but one expects that from an Adam Sandler movie.
Tomorrow night the Irishman is going to be a judge in a Guinness pint pouring contest, all of the proceeds going toward St Baldricks foundation. They raise money to fund research for a cure for cancers occurring in children. A very worthwhile charity. If you would like to come there is information on the Irishman’s Facebook page. I will try and see if I can share his link for it. Would love to see everyone come out and be a groupie with me, oh I will be wearing my new Carlos Santana shoes, something for everyone!

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