Monday Musings

Today is Monday and I am having an amazing hair day! Ok, I discovered this website called and everyday at 11:00 am Central time they have amazing deals. Well they had this Iso Straightener that is normally over $100.00 for $20.00, I thought why not. So I ordered it, it came; I was so excited I ripped it out of the box and tried it immediately. Now I know what you are thinking, what is so special about a straightener, well, I have extremely curly hair and it is very had to get it straight. This straightener is amazing, the first day I used it my hair was very curly I had not used the blow dryer to get it straight. Miracle of miracles the straightener worked!! My hair looks amazing!
So, it is Monday and I have actually received a message from a friend that has some good things for me, I will be messaging her back today to see when we can get together. All ideas and suggestions for wedding are welcomed.
My weekend was fairly drama free, I like that, shopping for groceries on Saturday, a task I detest, I still need to go to Costco, but I feel like I need help with that one. Waiting till next weekend then will drag the Irishman with me. Then yesterday did a little shopping for me, I need new tops like crazy and new capris and skirts, I don’t wear shorts in the summer so these things are essential. I did manage to find 3 new tops, however nothing else. I really want to go to the Allen Outlet Mall, who wants to go with?

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