Mary Kay Epiphany

Yesterday I felt Sandi talking to me, loud and clear. First I got five Mary Kay orders, five, I was able to fill the orders as I have inventory, but I needed to place an order. I went online, it is still extremely difficult to go to the Mary Kay website, but I did it. I placed my order, and then went on to register for Career Conference. That is a huge deal for me; I have never attended a Mary Kay function without Sandi. I have a hard time visualizing it, what made it a little easier is that it will be in an entirely different place than previous years. I will be honest, I was not going to go, and I couldn’t even entertain the thought. But we were having our monthly luncheon and Wanda said she was going; she was the only one from out unit enrolled. Sandi would not want Wanda to go alone, so, I made sure she will not be there alone. I will be there with her.
I still miss her every day, I think I always will, especially when it comes to anything Mary Kay, it will always be bitter sweet.
So, everyone, I am back to my normal Mary Kay self and taking orders and delivering with style! Don’t hesitate to order! You can even go online and order on my website thanks for your support!

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