Another Starbucks Friday

Happy Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a fantastic day today! I am so very ready for the weekend; it has been a long stressful week at work. I usually am never stressed about work issues, as I believe they are all moo points. But this week has just been well, hmmmm, my very own version of hell week. I am mentally drained, emotionally beat up, and physically exhausted, I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight!
I will be shoe shopping this weekend, I admit it. But I have a valid reason, I have two DSW $5.00 off coupons that will expire on Monday, how can I not use them? Plus I will be helping the economy, plus keeping a beloved business up and running. I wonder if anyone out there has a shopping obsession like I have with shoes. I have a friend who has a denim obsession, she buys tons of high end denim, I am talking $200.00 a pair denim. I do not have that obsession, I do have an obsession with BCBG though, I love them, so amazing.
Tuesday begins my total lifestyle change, no more indulging; this weekend is it, any thoughts on what I should eat? I know Mexican is on the menu, Taco Bueno a must, maybe a Frito chili pie, or two. Diet cherry, vanilla Dr Pepper, a must have. Beginning Tuesday I will no longer be drinking diet soda, no sugar, no anything really. For two weeks I suggest no one speak to me, I will not be in the best of moods. I also will be back at the gym starting next week. YUCK. I hate working out, with a passion, I resent that I have to; I resent the fact that God did not bless me with a metabolism that would allow me to eat whatever I want and stay skinny.
I seriously don’t understand it, I mean, he gave me great hair, a great shape, incredibly pretty face, a personality that people would love to have, yet, a metabolism that would make me 300 pounds if I ate whatever I wanted. It is God’s little joke on me, I am going to give you all of these great components, however, with a twist, a challenge. I would like to think that everyone has a challenge in life; however, I have seen enough to know that is not always the case. Some people have it all, looks, brains, talent, no weight issues whatsoever. Crazy nuts.
Ok, peeps, I am totally outy, I hope everyone has a Starbucks kind of day!

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