Back with a Vengance

I’m so glad I’m not famous. When I am full on crazy at least no one sees it, well, at least it’s not on television. I do believe, however, I will be adopting at least one now infamous quote. “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special.” I love that!
I know I have not posted in a while; I have been under the weather. I was able to make it to the doctor on Monday and now have antibiotics and feel much better today. Not exactly 100% better but 100% better than I was. I went to the doctor to find that my doctor had retired! I had to see someone new, I felt much better when I saw he was a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. He was very nice, and I found out via FB that my daughter in law sees him. I liked him. I think I will stick with him.
So now I am back to all of you.
I read something on facebook last week that made me think. Someone had gotten tickets to see a televangelist. If you are not familiar with that that is, it is a preacher that is on television. She had gotten tickets to see Joel Osteen, he writes books, he is on television, and he is a self proclaimed man of God. It made me think I have seen this person, seriously, who hasn’t at this point, he saturates the media with his awe shucks approach and look at me I’m humble attitude. I am not a fan.
Growing up the only man of God allowed in our home via the television was Billy Graham, now he was a true man of God. He was humble; he didn’t have to advertise that aspect of his personality, his wife, Ruth, was equally as amazing as he is. He actually lived the life he preached on television. When the world began taking a closer look at the men on television begging for you to send your money to them, he opened his ministry’s books. He took a modest salary, everything else went into helping people and paying for the locations he would go travel to, to speak to people. He and his wife built their log cabin themselves. That always impressed me, no mansion for these two and their children, a very humble, nice home that they built themselves.
I have only known two ministers in real life that I would recommend to anyone in the world to go to their churches. One was DeArthur Yandale in Oklahoma City and the other was Leonard Pirtle in Owasso. Both men are Freewill Baptist ministers, well Brother Yandale was an old fashioned preacher, he was passionate in his sermons, while Brother Pirtle was more calm and used humor to make his point. Both amazing, both compassionate and caring about the people that trusted them, making home visits to those in need. Making sure that the neediest of their flock taken care of, quietly asking other members to fill in any gaps they themselves could not handle.
I have yet to find any other minister that is like that here in the state of Texas; I have been here since the late 1980’s. And yes, I have attended churches here in Plano, one of them I was a member for 17 years. I made some good friends, however, I felt lost there, never really fitting in. The minister there was not a compassionate man, not very caring and I always felt he looked down on me. The longer I stayed, the more I began to realize he looked down on women in general. The last straw for me was when he demoted women Sunday School teachers saying that the bible said they should not teach men. Well the bible says a lot of things Mr. Plano Preacher Man; it also says that divorced people should not remarry unless their former spouse has died. However, you officiated a lot of weddings where one or both parties had been divorced. Now I am all for following the bible, believe me I am, however, you don’t get to pick and choose what you are going to do. If you follow one, follow all. That is all I am saying.

One Reply to “Back with a Vengance”

  1. So lemme see if I got this straight. Is he saying nearly all of his pre-seminary education is wrong? Because I would lay pretty good odds an overwhelming majority of his “teachers” were women. Wonder if he has figured out women can vote yet. It has been only recently… on a glacial scale…


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