This is not a happy day, it is a sad day and I will not be saying why, it is not the right time to tell it. Later. Maybe.
With all of the catastrophic things happening in the world today, the big news I wake up to is who the bachelor chose. Really? How did we come to this as a society? Who actually watches this show? Well apparently everyone but me. From what I hear on the radio, there is a man who makes out with a bunch of women then proposes to one? Seriously? I despise these shows; I am not big on reality shows in general. I do not watch Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol or any of the others. The only “reality” shows I watch are the ones on E that are completely scripted, Holly’s World, Kendra, the old Girls Next Door. That is it. The rest of these, I believe they take work away from actors and writers. Give me a well written, well acted television show. Just say no to reality, I want fantasy, escapism.
Don’t we all want escapism? Life can be brutal, I know that I have had my share of a brutal life, things happen that are beyond our control, things that we need to escape from. I don’t want reality to escape to, away from reality. See it just doesn’t work, I want fantasy to escape to, a world that is better than mine, a world where I don’t have to worry about anything, think about anything, do anything but sit back and enjoy the snappy dialogue, special effects if that type of show, the acting, and yes even the costuming.
I have several standbys that I use when I am need of serious escapism, what are yours?

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