Urban Cowboy

Does anyone out there remember Urban Cowboy? I remember the first time I saw the movie; I was dating a cowboy at the time. It was the best movie ever, so romantic, so simple in its story, every girl’s fantasy.
What was not to love? You had John Travolta, not singing but dancing and looking so hot in his cowboy clothes. He was literally fresh off the farm when he was spotted by Sissy, who was looking for love in all the wrong places. She just wanted a real cowboy and she found him in Bud. Their whirlwind courtship, their country wedding in Gilley’s, what girl at that point in history did not want to wear cowboy boots with their wedding dress? I believe my mothers soul died a little the day I told her I was going to do that (I did not by the way). Then the symbolic placing of the name plates in the back window of the truck. Bud and Sissy, you just knew they were going to be together forever.
The honeymoon! One can only wish that they could honeymoon near a prison so you can go to the prison rodeo! OMG perfection! Then spotting the one riding the bull, seriously, I don’t think they could have found an uglier man. There was nothing cute about that man. You just knew he was going to show up later and he did.
Cue the coming of the bull, Sissy just had to take lessons; she wants to be a cowgirl so bad. But the one she is taking lessons from is the newly released prison bull rider. Now mind you she took those lessons to surprise Bud, she wanted to please him so bad. But she was not a good wife, she didn’t cook, she didn’t clean, she did not take care of her man in a classic Texas way. According to Bud the only thing she was good at was the lovin’.
Bud was not pleased to see Sissy ride that bull, he was furious. But let’s be honest, what girl did not want to ride like Sissy? I know I did. When the state fair came around that year I admit, I went to the mechanical bull and said “slow it down Sissy style!” I was not very good at it. But it was fun!
We all wanted the Bud and Sissy love story, but things went horribly wrong, his pride got in the way. He had oodles of cowboy pride. What is that one asks, well, it is hard to define if you are not from a cowboy kind of culture, I am from Oklahoma, so close to Texas and we all understand the mentality. You don’t shame your cowboy in public and that display on the bull, well, Sissy was just flaunting it. It was as if she were cheating on him.
Then that classic fight in the parking lot of the Waffle House (I think it was a Waffle House could be wrong about the location) wow! But once again, girls wanted that kind of perceived passion. I have to say I for one never want to fight with a man like that. EVER! But still, very exciting to see Bud and Sissy go at it. However you knew it was not going to end well for them. And it did not. He told her not to come back to the trailer. Is there nothing worse knowing you are not welcome at a trailer?
But Bud, Bud, shame on you, you cheated first with Pam, she was not as cute as Sissy, and however she did have more class. And she didn’t care that Bud was married, she wanted a cowboy as well! Her motives were more suspect, you see she had daddy issues and she just wanted to stick it to her rich daddy. And Bud fit the bill perfectly.
Pam was sneaky, she sabotaged Sissy at every turn, Sissy came and cleaned the trailer and Pam took credit that was low. We all knew Bud and Sissy belonged together, why was Pam keeping them apart? But by now Sissy was deep in it with ugly parolee, man; you know she had to keep their little trailer dark. And what was it with all of those trailers? Where there no houses in Texas at that time? I don’t know all I know is in Oklahoma, not a lot of trailers. At least in Owasso, I think there was one trailer park, ironically enough, the Owasso Pam lived there.
I digress, eventually our star crossed lovers reunite, Bud rescues Sissy in an incredibly cowboy way, beating up the convict, who BTW had beaten Sissy, Bud beat the snot out of him, the audience cheers! Sissy got her man, name plates back where they belong in the back of the truck, cue country music. Everyone lives happily ever after. And the whole world wants to ride a mechanical bull like Sissy.

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