Overt Enthusiasm

Well another day another dollar. Do you remember that saying the lady doth protest too much? Well I have a theory; I believe the people who are overly enthusiastic about something are trying to convince themselves as well as the rest of the world that they are genuine in their enthusiasm. I know you are wondering what I am referring to, well I shall be cryptic, in case they read me. However I do not believe they do, as they seem to be very self involved.
There is someone on Facebook (of course) that is overly enthusiastic about something, uses all caps, tons of exclamation points. But it just rings false, it is too much. I have to tell you I am enthusiastic about the same thing she is, however, I do not feel the need to scream it at people, nor do I feel the need to claim I am the best at being enthusiastic about this particular thing. I have found, in my lifetime and experience, the people that behave like this one does is headed toward a fall. A huge one, I have one word for this person, humility, look it up, learn it and live it.
Ok, that part is done, I can’t write more without telling too much and without her knowing who she is. People already think I am a heathen, so I will stop.
I saw Tangled for the first time this weekend, I took the Irishman’s girls to the dollar theater and we saw it in 3D. I loved it! OMG Disney did it again, I know I am late to the party, but it was worth the wait. Such a great movie and the girls had already seen it and enjoyed introducing me to it.
Tonight I am going to see Paul with the Irishman, very excited as I love Simon Pegg; I will go see any movie he is in. This movie is going to be total greatness, I can feel it. Will give an in-depth review tomorrow.

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