Jump and Shout

Let’s all jump and shout, it’s Friday and it has been a long week. I am completely and utterly knackered, I need about a weeks worth of sleep. I will not be getting that but I need it! I am completely busy for the next 3 weekends, when did I get so busy? Shouldn’t I be lazing about in my robe and slippers? I should move into a retirement community. I know I am not retired and nowhere near the age of retirement however, I do believe I would do well in that community.
I went back to Bonham yesterday afternoon, this time no rooster drama; I just opened the door enough for them to get some fresh air. They had tons of food and water the other day, so no worries there. I did have a moment with the guineas, when I opened the door one of them screamed at me. SCREAMED. It opened its mouth wide and screamed, it sounded like a woman, I just stood there staring at it. I didn’t know what to do. So I chose the do nothing route. Seemed to work for me.
Mickey and Doggie were fine, Mickey I believe is mad, he is mad his mother left him, Doggie looked sad. I think she is depressed. I gave her lots of lovin, she is so sweet, I love that dog.
So much drama lately, I hate drama, with a passion, this is not my drama, it is others drama. I can’t even tell you what it is; just know I am disgusted by recent events.
Ok, so, I don’t watch Glee as a regular TV show, but I did catch it this last Tuesday, and I could not believe it, they sand that song, Jesus is My Friend by Sonseed. OMG you have to go check out the YouTube video, this song just simply rocks. I could not believe it was on Glee. They did original songs as well which is now playing on the radio, which reminded me of the episode. So there ya have it.
Well Elizabeth comes home today and I know her menagerie will be extremely happy to see her; I am a poor substitute for their mommy.

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