Sinus Monday

Well it is another Monday, another week, another opportunity to get it right. Get what right you ask, well anything you want. I want to be well rested and alert, that is my goal this week. I woke up all congested and eyes swollen, I really hate the wind! I have never had this kind of reaction before. I keep putting eye drops in and it is not helping.
The weekend was good, celebrating baby Jackson’s first birthday was so much fun. Loved seeing old friends and their families, loved seeing my good friend Geneva so very obviously happy. The day was perfect, sunny, warm but not too warm; I swear Geneva placed an order! Then on Sunday seeing Jeffrey, Elisabeth and Tessa, so much fun, playing with lady bugs and shells and seeing the new fish named Snoopy. She is growing up too fast, she will soon be 4, the day she was born is still so fresh in my mind.
Well my nasal passages are swollen, so that means I have a headache, so I will be signing off for now. I promise to be more interesting tomorrow!

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