Calling Dr Sam Beckett

I have become enamored with a new television show, on Showtime, The Borgia’s, highly entertaining. I love that time period, if everyone will remember their history, the Borgia’s were the original crime family. Never allowing anyone to stand in their way of advancement; politically, financially or socially. The head of the family, Rodrigo Borgia, later know as Pope Alexander VI, he used his children to solidify his power, using the position of religious leader as if he were a king, which in those days he was above kings. He crowned kings, the power went to his head, he married his daughter off no less than three times, each marriage more advantageous than the last.
This man would never have won father of the year, but for those of us looking back, it is highly fascinating. I think the next pet I get I am going to name after one of them.
I would love to go back to that time, it was an amazing time in human history, the renaissance, the enlightenment, the art, the literature, it was the beginning of free thinking. The Medici’s were in the mix during that time as well, I hope they are depicted on the show as I love, love, love them.
I would not want to go back to live during that time, however a brief visit would be total greatness, perhaps a week. If someone out there has a Delorean or knows Dr Sam Beckett I would appreciate a loan or a meeting. I would totally adhere to all time travel rules. Do not change the past that means I would only be observing, not engaging the locals. I could so do that! Can you imagine being there for Lorenzo De Medici’s coronation? The thought, well, just makes me happy.
If you could time travel, what time period would you visit?

One Reply to “Calling Dr Sam Beckett”

  1. – I would go to the 5th Great and Bountiful Human Empire. Oh wait… you mean backwards in human history, not forward? Hmm, lemme think here…
    Probably either the 1770s America, or the transition from Republic to Imperial Rome. Critical times in human history, yet from completely different ideological perspectives.


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